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Ticket Summary Cc Status Owner Type Priority
#22842 Create a knowledge base that's more in-depth than FAQs dmr, pili accepted hiro task Medium
#27539 Create plan for releasing on F-Droid igt0, gk, dmr, eighthave, traumschule, jan@…, tbb-team accepted sysrqb enhancement Medium
#9675 Provide feedback mechanism for clock-skew and other bad problems mcs, Sherief, whonix-devel@…, arthuredelstein, gk, catalyst, dmr assigned brade defect High
#20742 prop224: Implement stealth client authorization peter@…, dmr assigned asn enhancement Very High
#21222 Main ticket for website redesign project isabela, mcs, linda, antonela, andz@…, dmr assigned isabela project Very High
#21952 Onion-location: increasing the use of onion services through automatic redirects and aliasing dgoulet, asn, ilf, gk, isabela, arma, fdsfgs@…, hacim, guido@…, alec.muffett@…, mrphs, brade, mcs, catalyst, arthuredelstein, a.krey@…, phw, dmr assigned tbb-team project Medium
#22616 On higher security levels videos can't be downloaded anymore with "Save Video As..." mcs, brade, dmr assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#25025 Add icon for next-generation onions in the style guide tor@…, dmr assigned antonela defect Low
#25510 Collect feedback on mobile embedding API; resolve issues. dmr assigned project Medium
#25651 Handle incoming extend2/extended2 fragmented requests/replies. (prop249) dgoulet, isis, nickm, dmr assigned enhancement Medium
#27162 Travis: consider running CI on beta, nightly, and tor's lowest supported rust dmr assigned enhancement Medium
#26425 Add functionality to set SNI for client connections dmr needs_information enhancement Medium
#25131 Add a security.txt file to dmr needs_review enhancement Medium
#27458 security.txt: Add acknowledgments page to honour our security researches dmr needs_review task Medium
#3652 Export clock skew opinion as getinfo command gk, adrelanos@…, arthuredelstein@…, brade, mcs, catalyst, dmr needs_revision enhancement High
#14389 little-t-tor: Provide support for better TBB UI of hidden service client authorization antonela, arthuredelstein, brade, mcs, gk, michael, special, erinn, patrick@…, lunar, linda, dmr needs_revision tbb-team defect Medium
#16824 Emit a warning message about side channel leaks when using relays as clients arma, dmr needs_revision defect High
#25347 Tor keeps on trying the same overloaded guard over and over dmr needs_revision asn defect Medium
#30381 Provide control port commands to ADD/REMOVE/VIEW v3 client-auth antonela, arthuredelstein, brade, mcs, gk, michael, special, erinn, patrick@…, lunar, linda, dmr needs_revision asn enhancement Medium
#30382 prop304: Implement SOCKS new HS error code antonela, arthuredelstein, brade, mcs, gk, michael, special, erinn, patrick@…, lunar, linda, dmr needs_revision dgoulet enhancement Medium
#5148 SIGHUP managed proxies when logs reopened dmr new task Medium
#5483 managed pluggable transports should be able to pause Tor's circuit-building? iang, hmohajer@…, dmr new enhancement Medium
#7153 Don't require pluggable transport proxies to be SOCKS proxies zwol, asn, nickm, andrea, dcf, catalyst, dmr new project Medium
#7349 Obfsbridges should be able to "disable" their ORPort isis, yawning, cass, mrphs, gk, catalyst, ln5, phoul, dmr, phw new project Very High
#10629 PT spec changes for better interoperability with other projects thomasf@…, dmr new yawning enhancement Medium
#13910 Try using Coveralls dmr new atagar enhancement Low
#14209 Implement SOCKSPort windows:path for named pipes mcs, dmr new enhancement Medium
#15213 DNS tunneling transport (like iodine, dnscat) dmr new enhancement Medium
#15701 Use 'GETINFO status/fresh-relay-descs' in tests dmr new atagar enhancement Medium
#16221 Investigate WebRTC with TCP-ICE and hidden services leif@…, gk, arthuredelstein, intrigeri, ln5, dmr new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#16548 Change the HS nomenclature from hidden to onion saint, special, dmr new cypherpunks task Very Low
#17343 Add torrc option OnionService* alias for HiddenService* dmr, s7r new enhancement Medium
#17728 Use NETINFO handshake rather than date header to check time with authorities dmr new enhancement Medium
#19757 Make a menu to add onion and auth-cookie to TB dmr new tbb-team defect Medium
#20212 Tor can be forced to open too many circuits by embedding .onion resources gk, mcs, brade, dmr, dgoulet new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#20314 Make SVG click-to-play and support fallback brade, mcs, dcf, arma, mrphs, linda, dmr new tbb-team defect Medium
#20843 Tor Browser: How do we help users to use higher security? mrphs, yawning, brade, mcs, intrigeri, linda, dmr new defect Medium
#20928 Document our privacy-preserving webserver log setup for the world hiro, karsten, dmr new task Medium
#21483 DuckDuckGo Onion should be the default instead of DuckDuckGo fdsfgs@…, Dbryrtfbcbhgf, dmr new tbb-team defect Medium
#22785 Show an alternative icon for features that are blocked and not broken. isabela, arthuredelstein, dmr new tbb-team defect Medium
#22985 Can we simplify and clarify click-to-play of audio/video? fdsfgs@…, intrigeri, dmr new tbb-team defect Medium
#23545 UX improvement: Tor Browser should handle bogus HSv3 addresses antonela, linda, gk, arthuredelstein, brade, mcs, dmr new tbb-team defect Medium
#24310 Consider encrypted bookmarks addon for storing onions on the browser antonela, mcs, tom, phw, dmr, arthuredelstein, intrigeri new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#24985 Preserve circuit-layer confidentiality against a quantum-capable adversary dmr new project Medium
#24986 Implement prop#249 "Large Create Cells" dgoulet, isis, nickm, dmr new enhancement Medium
#25574 Eliminate "silent-drop" side channels in Tor protocol dmr new defect Medium
#25658 Activity 2.1: Improve user understanding and user control by clarifying Tor Browser's security features tbb-team, dmr, isnaiter, arthuredelstein, mcs, brade new antonela project High
#25882 clients not detecting stale onion service introduction points dmr new defect High
#25918 Standardize the 'onion service' name dmr new defect High
#25922 Add an alias mechanism for controller commands and events, and use it for Onion Services dmr new defect Medium
#25955 onion v2 deprecation plan asn, dmr new enhancement Medium
#26240 Check Maxmind GeoIPLocation Database before distributing dmr new defect Medium
#26242 Implement update strategy for TBA sysrqb, gk, dmr new tbb-team defect Medium
#26318 TBA - Consider different installation methods igt0, gk, dmr, jan@… new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#26369 Re-fetch onion service descriptor for isolated request gk, mahrud, dmr, neel new defect Medium
#26553 Sign our own extensions in Tor Browser intrigeri, dmr, ckb@…, hefee new tbb-team defect High
#26910 Could tor drop privileges even earlier? (before trying to access anything on the filesystem beyond its torrc files) weasel, dmr, intrigeri new enhancement Medium
#26923 Intent to create Pluggable Transport: HTTPS proxy dcf, hiro, dmr, phw new project Medium
#26938 TBA - Enable updater sysrqb, gk, dmr new tbb-team enhancement High
#27421 Tor security policy dmr new defect Medium
#27423 Sign security.txt dmr new defect Medium
#27842 Consider end-to-end introduction ACKs dmr new defect Medium
#28532 Map link changes from current tpo to lektor projects isabela, mcs, linda, antonela, andz@…, dmr new task Medium
#29802 Document the v3 onion service key files in the tor man page asn, dmr new defect Medium
#29886 NoScript icon is still visible in context menu after the fix for #25658 landed tbb-team, dmr, isnaiter, arthuredelstein, mcs, brade new tbb-team defect Medium
#30570 Implement per-site security settings support tbb-team, dmr, isnaiter, arthuredelstein, mcs, brade, intrigeri new tbb-team enhancement High
#24321 Review Cloudflare's Official "Privacy Pass" addon to evaluate inclusion in Tor Browser nullius@…, fdsfgs@…, dmr, jlongworth reopened tbb-team task Medium
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