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#32518 Fix Addresses/Ports in TorConfigBuilder gk, sysrqb new tbb-team defect Medium
#32558 clarify what happens to email when we retire a user gk new tpa task Medium
#32563 Merge HSv3 spec fixes we found during onionbalance creation s7r, gk assigned asn defect Medium
#32574 set up mirror repo on GitHub torproject/jtorctl gk, hiro new hiro task Medium
#32602 Consider what to do about locales used by very few people antonela, gk, tbb-team new emmapeel defect Medium
#32672 Reject 0.2.9 and 0.4.0 in dirserv_rejects_tor_version() [DO NOT MERGE BEFORE FEB 2020] dgoulet, gk, neel, arma merge_ready neel task Medium
#32709 hsv3: Support onionbalance keys when handling INTRO2 cells s7r, gk assigned asn enhancement Medium
#32713 Letterboxing doesn't work when fullscreening videos (it covers exactly the whole screen) gk, tom new tbb-team defect Medium
#32865 Setting Origin: null header still breaks CORS in Tor Browser 9.5 acat, gk, alecmuffett new tbb-team defect Medium
#32924 is broken, doesn't happen with vanilla Firefox gk new tbb-team defect Medium
#32934 EFF Legal FAQ review - 2020 edition ggus, gk assigned ggus defect Medium
#33010 Monitor cloudflare captcha rate: do a periodic onionperf-like query to a cloudflare-hosted static site gk, pili, haxxpop new metrics-team task Medium
#33014 Refactor hs configuration parsing s7r, gk assigned nickm defect Medium
#33018 Dir auths using an unsustainable 400+ mbit/s, need to diagnose and fix gk, dgoulet new defect Medium
#33022 Grant Georg DocTor permissions gk new tor-gitadm enhancement Medium
#12113 Building libevent/openssl on Windows without exception handling would reduce dependencies gk, boklm, kpdyer new tbb-team defect Low
#15458 StrongSocksIsolation option (w/ virtual circuits?) gk, mcs, arthuredelstein, anonym new enhancement Low
#15710 Consider enabling the BCJ filter when packaging bundles. gk new tbb-team enhancement Low
#16017 Tor Browser should use PROTOCOLINFO. isis, gk, brade, mcs new tbb-team enhancement Low
#16516 TBB doesn't use page title when bookmarking by dragging globe/lock icon brade, mcs, gk new tbb-team defect Low
#18154 attempt to open a socket after DisableNetwork=1 transition gk, brade new defect Low
#22477 Add -Wl,--large-address-aware to tor-for-Windows build chain bastik.public@…, tjr, gk new defect Low
#26368 Consider circuit isolation when closing redundant intro points gk, mahrud needs_revision defect Low
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