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#33472 Document that bwauths should checkout stable versions when installing sbws from git juga needs_review defect Medium
#33473 Document which branches developers should base their patches on juga accepted juga defect Medium
#33571 Rename constants containing list of keys in juga new defect Medium
#33606 Catch common bash errors in sbws scripts juga new task Medium
#33691 Migrate to gitlab.tpo ahf, gk, juga, gaba new defect Medium
#33784 Think about using `self._relays` in `_relays_with_flag()` and friends juga new enhancement Medium
#33797 Provide better logging for unit test runs in sbws juga new enhancement Medium
#33824 relay measures low / high on same network and same server juga, arma new defect Medium
#33831 Relays without descriptors are not scaled, but still added to the bwlines without vote=0 juga assigned juga defect Medium
#33832 For relays that change ip, only the measurements with the last ip are kept juga, gk needs_information gk defect Medium
#33871 Scale exactly as torflow does? juga, gk, mikeperry needs_review juga defect Medium
#33947 Compare sbws and Torflow juga, gk needs_review defect Medium
#34309 Check that relay_recent_measurement_attempt_count and relay_recent_priority_list_count are correc juga, gk needs_review juga defect Medium
#34310 Maybe add new type of errors in the bandwidth file juga, gk new defect Medium
#34393 Maybe vote on the relays that have few or close measurements juga, gk new defect Medium
#34394 Test net keys expired juga, gk needs_review juga defect Medium
#34444 Update relay_recent_measurement_attempt_count and relay_recent_priority_list_count are correctly juga, gk new defect Medium
#7281 Bandwidth auths should publish average and weighted onionskin failure rates aagbsn@…, juga new enhancement Low
#30723 Work out why no measurements are excluded because they are too old juga new defect Low
#30724 Work out why relay_in_recent_consensus_count is 13 days for some relays juga new defect Low
#33599 Fix typos in sbws comments/code juga assigned gk defect Low
#21994 Consensus Health: what is the distribution of a bandwidth authority's measurements? nusenu, karsten, metrics-team, juga new tom enhancement Very Low
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