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#16886 "Add-on compatibility check dialog" contains Firefox logo brade, mcs, Dbryrtfbcbhgf reopened tbb-team defect Medium
#11966 "Bootstrapped 20%: Asking for networkstatus consensus" is a lie for bridge users catalyst, brade, mcs, ahf, dgoulet needs_revision defect Medium
#25713 "DisableNetwork is set" log message in Tor Browser scares/confuses users antonela, brade, mcs, catalyst new defect Medium
#25340 "Restart the Tor Browser to apply updates" notification disappears with New Identity, maybe it shouldn't? gk, mcs, brade new tbb-team defect Medium
#25431 "Tor is censored in my country" does not cover some scenarios isabela, antonela, mcs new brade defect Medium
#12501 "Tor unexpectedly exited" if there is a wrong line in torrc mcs new brade defect Medium
#30732 "Your Firefox is critically out of date" banner mcs, brade needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#10426 "new identity" button causes in-progress downloads to be aborted gk, Rola, mcs new tbb-team defect Medium
#19135 'refresh tor browser' makes it inoperable mcs, brade, arthuredelstein new tbb-team defect Medium
#15560 4.5a5 intruduces problems with full screen (+random flickering?) mcs new tbb-team defect Medium
#18327 Aborting the Tor Launcher setup wizard and restarting should show the language selection dialog again mcs new brade defect Medium
#25658 Activity 2.1: Improve user understanding and user control by clarifying Tor Browser's security features tbb-team, dmr, isnaiter, arthuredelstein, mcs, brade new antonela project High
#17381 Adapting the gitian/*.sh release scripts brade, mcs new boklm task Medium
#20497 Add --enable-tor-browser-data-in-home-dir configure option and code brade, mcs new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#18195 Add a flag to identify Tor Browser in JS gary@…, brade, mcs, gk new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#29790 Add build option to store profile in HOME directory brade, mcs needs_information tbb-team task Medium
#30768 Add hashed fingerprints to torrc when configuring bridges mcs, brade new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#18925 Add instructions for removing the code signing parts of OS X bundles and MAR files boklm, brade, mcs needs_information tbb-team enhancement Medium
#21922 Add our reasoning for dealing with the XPI signing to our design document mcs, brade new tbb-team defect Medium
#16659 Add research idea for Linux TCP Initial Sequence Numbers may aid correlation nickm@…, adrelanos@…, mcs assigned metrics-team task Medium
#25102 Add script to sign nightly build mar files boklm, mcs, brade, ln5, tbb-team assigned boklm task Medium
#10160 Add settings to connect to a running tor instance (avoid Tor over Tor) mcs, mikeperry, poncho@…, adrelanos@… new brade enhancement Low
#21816 Add support for Pluggable Transports 2.0 iang, darkk, blanu, dcf, dasyatid1, mcs, ahf, Samdney needs_revision dasyatid1 enhancement Medium
#16607 Allow SVG for extensions, even on "high" security level mabahas@…, mcs, brade, gk needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#10439 Allow TBB 3.x to run multiple times in parallel mcs new brade enhancement Medium
#23992 Allow email subscription to blog mcs new hiro enhancement Medium
#23632 Apply Tor trademark for anon-connection-wizard arma, adrelanos, brade, mcs new alison task Low
#24586 Audit all state for stuff we need to reset on exit to make tor restartable. darkk, brade, mcs, ahf, nickm, mike@…, arthuredelstein new enhancement Medium
#16443 Audit tiles targeting mcs, gk, arthuredelstein new tbb-team task Medium
#14429 Automated rounding of content window dimensions gacar, brade, mcs, ln5, fdsfgs@…, tseretni-rmd, dante01123 needs_revision arthuredelstein defect Medium
#24965 Automatically remove metadata from images (EXIF) before upload richard@…, brade, mcs new tbb-team defect Medium
#21306 Be more helpful in the "cannot connect to tor control" error case brade, mcs, phoul new tbb-team defect Medium
#13747 Block non .onion content on .onion addresses (mixed content blocking) arthuredelstein, brade, mcs, tom, pospeselr new tbb-team enhancement High
#28015 Brainstorm improved ux for orgs that want to give bridges to their people ahf, mcs, brade, eighthave, phw new tbb-team defect Medium
#25594 Broker: investigate non-domain-fronting secure client / proxy registrations dcf, arlolra, mcs new defect Medium
#14390 Browser configuration fingerprinting arthuredelstein, gk, brade, mcs, nord-stream@…, adrelanos new tbb-team defect High
#27551 Build HTTPS Everywhere with the SecureDrop custom ruleset update channel gk, arthuredelstein, mcs, asn new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#24607 CAPTCHAs on BridgeDB seem to be getting more difficult brade, mcs assigned defect Medium
#14836 Can we compile in WebRTC to allow QRCode bridge entry? gk, brade, mcs, mikeperry assigned task Medium
#13400 Canvas Fingerprinting: fonts mcs, brade, mikeperry, arthuredelstein new tbb-team defect High
#15954 Canvas permission and HTTP auth still use FQDN isolation gk, brade, mcs, fdsfgs@… new tbb-team defect Medium
#10831 Captchas are not accessible for blind users isis, brade, mcs, contact@… assigned enhancement Medium
#23266 Carryover Tasks isabela, mcs, linda, antonela new task Medium
#18543 Change dialog message when there is no protocol to copy brade, mcs, tbb-team new brade defect Medium
#10299 Check whether font feature properties are problematic dcf, mcs new task Medium
#20392 Checking version before authentication brade, mcs, gk needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#16442 Clean up errors in our error console brade, mcs, gk new tbb-team defect Medium
#32636 Clean up locales shipped with Tor Launcher mcs, sysrqb, tbb-team new brade task Medium
#10070 Clear recent history mcs, brade, mikeperry assigned enhancement Medium
#24310 Consider encrypted bookmarks addon for storing onions on the browser antonela, mcs, tom, phw, dmr, arthuredelstein, intrigeri new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#14686 Consolidate or de-emphasize our many download pages saint, dcf1, mcs, isis, sysrqb, isabela needs_review traumschule defect High
#29535 Context menu does not open on New Tab mcs, brade new tbb-team defect Medium
#21892 ControlSockets are not created if tor starts with DisableNetwork set mcs new defect Medium
#10353 Cookie Protection dialog is empty in FF24 gk, mcs, brade, intrigeri@…, Ilya_SpongeBob, furthermore92, q_p, gamma@… new defect High
#17313 Crash in Canvas patch seen on OS X Tor Browser gk, brade, mcs needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#11330 Create a Hash Ring For Each Allowed Domain in the Email Distributor sysrqb, mcs assigned enhancement High
#14906 Create a Tor Browser contributor pane brade, mcs new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#30121 Create authoritative, parseable list of Tor Browser's default bridges irl, mcs, mrphs assigned phw task Medium
#31069 Create onion auth entry in ggus, brade, mcs assigned ggus defect Medium
#18326 Creating incremental MAR files should not include Tor Browser version in meta data boklm, mcs, brade new tbb-team defect Medium
#21032 Creating some public database of "reproduced builds" brade, mcs new tbb-team task Medium
#29564 DOMRect on at least Linux is not consistent mcs new tbb-team defect High
#11698 Decide how to incorporate Tor Browser Manual pages into Tor Browser Lunar, Phoul, mrphs, Sherief, karsten, mcs, brade, arthuredelstein, lnl, isabela new defect Medium
#17400 Decide how to use the multi-lingual Tor Browser in the alpha/release series mcs, brade, mikeperry, whonix-devel@…, ilv, isabela, linda, arthuredelstein, emmapeel, antonela, intrigeri, cohosh new tbb-team task Medium
#13755 Declare that Windows XP and earlier are not officially supported. mcs new task Medium
#14633 Default NoScript settings says "Allow Scripts Globally" is "dangerous" saint, gk, mcs, bastik.public@… new tbb-team defect Medium
#13017 Determine if AudioBuffers/OfflineAudioContext are a fingerprinting vector arthuredelstein, isis, mcs, brade, zevnull, RobinLinus, Sampei new arthuredelstein task High
#27351 DisableNetwork is not unset if bootstrapping fails mcs, brade, nickm, catalyst new tbb-team defect Medium
#22473 Do any controllers still use getinfo network-status? atagar, meejah, mcs, brade new defect Medium
#15690 Document how other extensions should ask to isolate their streams jrf@…, gk, mcs, brade new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#29252 Don't disable TLS 1.3 for update checks mcs, brade new tbb-team defect Medium
#25064 Don't record update history on the Tor Browser brade, mcs new tbb-team defect Medium
#19957 Don't wait for Tor to start mcs new brade defect Medium
#19855 Downloading a Tor Browser update via Torbutton menu does not show the "update ready" icon on the hamburger menu mcs, brade new tbb-team defect Medium
#19511 Drop #16488 patch gk, mcs, brade new tbb-team defect Medium
#19510 Drop #5741 patch? mcs, brade, gk new tbb-team defect Medium
#11445 Drop support for Windows XP mcs new defect Medium
#11444 Drop support for long-obsolete versions of Windows mcs, vvort@… new defect Medium
#27507 DuckDuckGo can't be used without JS in Tor Browser 8 anymore arthuredelstein, mcs, brade needs_revision tbb-team defect Medium
#18113 Dynamically allocate clients to default Tor Browser bridges of a certain type isis, gk, yawning, dcf, mcs, brade, nickm needs_information brade enhancement Medium
#12429 Enable Assertions in Tor Browser release builds tom@…, brade, mcs new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#21361 Enable browser APIs only allowed in secure contexts for NG HS arthuredelstein, gk, mcs new tbb-team defect Medium
#29811 Enable static PKP for aus1 weasel, mcs, brade new tbb-team defect Medium
#16678 Enhance KeyboardEvent fingerprinting protection for unusual characters gk, arthuredelstein, brade, mcs needs_revision sysrqb enhancement Medium
#22745 Establish policy for writing regression tests mcs new task Medium
#3652 Export clock skew opinion as getinfo command gk, adrelanos@…, arthuredelstein@…, brade, mcs, catalyst, dmr needs_revision enhancement High
#15706 Extract statistics on incremental update success rates gk, brade, mcs, mikeperry assigned task Medium
#19482 Failure of start of tor during start of tor-browser causes creation of Browser.bak in directory without any explanation brade, mcs needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#15910 Figure out what to do with OpenH264 (downloads) in Tor Browser mcs, brade, fdsfgs@…, viktor_jaegerskuepper@… new tbb-team task Medium
#20146 Firefox bug - (CVE-2016-5284) ESR-45/Tor Browser certificate pinning bypass for and other built-in sites brade, mcs, gk, boklm needs_review tbb-team defect Medium
#8511 Firefox caches proxy settings per hosts mcs, brade, g.koppen@…, adrelanos@…, anonym, intrigeri new tbb-team defect Medium
#18199 Firefox icon for browser after update brade, mcs, rugk, eezacque assigned mcs defect Medium
#24452 Firewall option is visible behind Tor Network Settings... but not during start-up mcs, phoul, isabela, Dbryrtfbcbhgf, oneandonly new brade defect Medium
#18097 Font fingerprinting defenses roadmap (parent ticket) gk, mcs, dcf new tbb-team defect Medium
#26377 Fresh Tor Browser 7.5.5 (2018-06-09) for macOS install crashes on start mcs, brade needs_information tbb-team defect High
#6505 GETINFO dir/status-vote/current/consensus returns "Unrecognized key" if no consensus available atagar, brade, mcs needs_revision zwol defect Low
#31988 Generate a mar signing key for nightly builds boklm, mcs, brade, ln5, pili, tbb-team assigned boklm defect Medium
#25101 Generate incremental mar files for nightly builds boklm, mcs, brade, ln5, tbb-team needs_review boklm task Medium
#20957 Get DieHarder working with Tor Browser gk, mcs, tom needs_revision tbb-team defect Medium
#14089 Google Drive/Docs do not work in Tor Browser gk, brade, mcs, angelotheram new tbb-team defect Medium
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