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#7349 Obfsbridges should be able to "disable" their ORPort isis, yawning, cass, mrphs, gk, catalyst, ln5, phoul, dmr new project Very High
#13410 Disable self-signed certificate warnings when visiting .onion sites platypus, guido@…, mrphs, fdsfgs@…, asn reopened tbb-team defect Very High
#19001 Tor Browser with Snowflake mrphs, mcs, serene, boklm, arthuredelstein, adrelanos new project Very High
#14744 Automate upload of latest Tor Browser to cloud services sukhbir, mrphs, gk, boklm reopened ilv defect High
#5811 Review the latest set of changes in the “short user manual” mikeperry, lunar@…, mrphs new runa task Medium
#9071 Gettor should be able to send torrents/magnet URIs…, mrphs new sukhe enhancement Medium
#10218 Provide "users-per-transport-per-country" statistics for obfsbridges wfn, yawning, isis, mrphs, tim@…, dcf assigned joelanders enhancement Medium
#10974 Turn the “short user manual” into the Tor Browser User Manual mttp, phoul, Sherief, mrphs, kelley, gk, mcs assigned lunar project Medium
#11180 Improve "Use Bridges" UI based on feedback and testing mcs, mrphs new brade defect Medium
#11501 Improve visual identity of Tor's PTs dcf, mikeperry, isis, sysrqb, mrphs, mcs, alex@… new asn enhancement Medium
#11698 Decide how to incorporate Tor Browser Manual pages into Tor Browser Lunar, Phoul, mrphs, Sherief, karsten, mcs, brade, arthuredelstein, lnl, isabela new defect Medium
#12681 New video for setting up a relay on Windows sherief, mrphs new defect Medium
#16672 Text rendering allows font fingerprinting gk, mcs, dcf, mikeperry, mrphs, nicoo, gacar@… assigned arthuredelstein defect Medium
#16994 Add submission form for 3rd party mirrors mrphs new sukhbir enhancement Medium
#17140 When Tor Browser updater runs, prefs don't get updated mcs, brade, gk, mrphs new tbb-team defect Medium
#17214 Check integrity of uploaded files periodically mrphs new ilv enhancement Medium
#17366 Track consensus fetch times per country? mrphs new enhancement Medium
#17413 Usability of MacOS installation process mrphs needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium
#17425 Improve GetTor Signature Section mrphs, ilv new ilv defect Medium
#17588 GetTor Logging mrphs, ilv new ilv defect Medium
#18243 Website redesign - Phase 1 mrphs new isabela project Medium
#20314 Make SVG click-to-play and support fallback brade, mcs, dcf, arma, mrphs, linda, dmr new tbb-team defect Medium
#20843 Tor Browser: How do we help users to use higher security? mrphs, yawning, brade, mcs, intrigeri, linda, dmr new defect Medium
#21382 Implementing a GetTor FaceBook Messenger Bot ilv, sukhbir, mrphs new ilv enhancement Medium
#21952 .Onion everywhere?: increasing the use of onion services through automatic redirects and aliasing dgoulet, asn, ilf, gk, isabela, arma, fdsfgs@…, hacim, guido@…, alec.muffett@…, mrphs, brade, mcs, catalyst, arthuredelstein, a.krey@…, phw, dmr reopened linda project Medium
#21969 We're missing descriptors for some of our primary entry guards catalyst, isis, bmeson, mrphs new asn defect Medium
#23863 When our directory guards don't have each others' microdescs, we should try an authority or fallback catalyst, isis, bmeson, mrphs, starlight@… new enhancement Medium
#24521 Investigate Making Canvas Unfingerprintable mrphs, arthuredelstein, gacar@… new tbb-team defect Medium
#9843 Document how to verify Tor Browser archives after download admin@…, mrphs, harmony needs_revision traumschule task Low
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