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#1749 Split relay and link crypto across multiple CPU cores Samdney, arthuredelstein, neel assigned chelseakomlo project High
#8337 Trusteer crashes Tor Browser lecky123, someoneelse, brade, mcs, phoul, torment, js9reyn, mikeperry needs_information defect Medium
#17520 Relax the rend cache failure cleanup timer neel@… needs_information neel enhancement Medium
#17835 Make ClientPreferIPv6ORPort smarter neel@… assigned neel enhancement Medium
#21425 entry_list_is_constrained() should look at the guard_selection_t object neel@… needs_information defect Medium
#22029 Allow ed25519 keys to be banned in the approved-routers file neel needs_revision neel enhancement Medium
#23301 prop224: Refactor connection_ap_handle_onion neel assigned neel defect Medium
#23818 Make v2 and v3 single onion services retry all failed intro and rend connections with a 3-hop path neel@… merge_ready teor defect Medium
#24546 Use tor_addr_is_v4() rather than family, or reject all v6-mapped IPv4 addresses neel@… needs_revision defect Medium
#24797 Add an option that makes Tor use fewer connections neel@…, starlight@… needs_revision neel enhancement Medium
#25152 Try to call less circuitmux_find_map_entry() neel@… needs_information defect Medium
#25568 hs: Lookup failure cache when introducing to an intro point asn, neel needs_review neel defect Medium
#26369 Re-fetch onion service descriptor for isolated request gk, mahrud, dmr, neel new defect Medium
#26436 Check uses of CMP_SEMANTIC for IP addresses neel@… new defect Medium
#26769 We should make HSv3 desc upload less frequent neel@… needs_information neel defect Medium
#26805 Work out why Tor networks with all-zero bandwidths are unstable neel@… new defect Medium
#27491 Prefer IPv4 or IPv6 based on the number of failures neel assigned neel enhancement Medium
#27492 Try IPv4 or IPv6 more often based on public or private IP addresses neel assigned neel enhancement Medium
#27647 When randomly choosing IPv4 or IPv6, set IPv6 probability based on IPv6 weight neel@… assigned neel enhancement Medium
#27648 Stop setting the IPv6 preferred flag on nodes neel@… assigned neel enhancement Medium
#27736 Make sure that Tor doesn't build an IPv4 and an IPv6 connection to the same relay neel@… assigned defect Medium
#27758 Tor Website->Volunteer->Tor->Bug Tracker: REPORT_VIEW privileges are required to perform this operation on report:12. You don't have the required permissions. neel new qbi defect Medium
#28057 When randomly choosing IPv4 or IPv6, log better IPv6 preference info neel@… new enhancement Medium
#28653 Specify IPv4 and IPv6 weight calculations in dir-spec.txt neel@… new enhancement Medium
#29232 Write a function that prints a link specifier and link specifier list neel assigned enhancement Medium
#29801 Write a proposal for IPv6 "Happy Eyeballs" on Tor clients neel needs_revision neel enhancement Medium
#29828 Add an approved_routers network to chutney neel, teor new enhancement Medium
#30267 Simplify the code logic of launching HS circuits neel new defect Medium
#30301 Set bridge running status on a timer? neel, teor, ahf new enhancement Medium
#30466 hs: Do not allow more than one control cell on a circuit neel needs_information neel defect Medium
#30638 Test banning ed25519 keys in the approved-routers file on moria1 neel, arma new task Medium
#30642 Add an ed25519_identity file to the data directory neel assigned enhancement Medium
#31039 Review proposal 306: IPv6 "Happy Eyeballs" for Tor clients neel needs_revision task Medium
#31413 Check for internal IPv6 connects and extends neel, teor new defect Medium
#17217 Change clients to automatically use IPv6 if they can bootstrap over it adrelanos, neel@…, cypherpunks assigned neel enhancement Low
#27446 hs: Report configuration error on the control port asn, neel assigned neel defect Low
#13194 Track time between ESTABLISH_RENDEZVOUS and RENDEZVOUS1 cell neel new enhancement Very Low
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