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#9062 Authorities should describe their bwauth version in their votes karsten, pastly new enhancement Medium
#10177 get oftc using bulkexitlist again weasel, sukhbir, pastly new arlolra task Medium
#21905 Allow third-party cookies as we are isolating them to the first party in ESR52 arthuredelstein@…, pastly new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#22132 Chutney should avoid waiting for set times: wait for conditions instead pastly needs_revision defect Medium
#22798 Windows relay is several times slower than Linux relay pastly, robgjansen, amj703, starlight@… merge_ready defect Medium
#24448 Channeltls adds the connection write event to main loop when writing a packed cell pastly new defect Medium
#24449 sched: KIST scheduler should handle limited or failed connection write pastly assigned dgoulet defect Medium
#24694 sched: Use the socket RTT in KIST to compute a more accurate extra space pastly, yawning assigned dgoulet enhancement Medium
#26155 Bandwidth file Timestamp is the latest scanner result, not the file creation time juga, pastly needs_revision teor defect Medium
#26412 KeyError in can_exit_to caused by lru_cache pastly new atagar defect Medium
#17665 Drop scheduler config options pastly new defect Very Low
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