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#7349 Obfsbridges should be able to "disable" their ORPort isis, yawning, cass, mrphs, gk, catalyst, ln5, phoul, dmr, phw new project Very High
#29279 Reach out to NGOs to test obfs4 reachability cohosh, phw assigned cohosh task Very High
#29315 Write down guidelines for adding new stats metrics-team, dgoulet, ahf, juga, teor, phw needs_revision karsten enhancement Very High
#8560 100% CPU usage in Tor Browser? ioerror, aagbsn, g.koppen@…, phw, OmegaPhil@… reopened tbb-team defect High
#16844 Slow clients can't bootstrap because they expire their consensus fetch but then receive all the bytes from it anyway, making them expire their next fetch, putting them in a terrible loop yawning, catalyst, phw new defect High
#28655 If a bridge supports obfs4, don't give out its other flavors phw needs_review phw defect High
#29249 Assessment of moat for bridges cohosh, phw new sysrqb task High
#8676 Research an HTTP pluggable transport that actually uses a browser and a web server phw, hellais, zwol, dardok new defect Medium
#9316 BridgeDB should export statistics metrics-team, phw assigned dgoulet task Medium
#9778 Add votes document type phw, rndm, wfn, arma assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#10671 Pluggable Transports: Improve method of transferring parameters to client-side transports dcf, zwol, phw, yawning, kpdyer, infinity0, isis new enhancement Medium
#10782 Improve the spec of UniformDH phw, yawning new task Medium
#11101 Bridges should report implementation versions of their pluggable transports asn, phw, yawning, isis new isis enhancement Medium
#11203 ScrambleSuit CSPRNG for Probability Distributions phw new enhancement Medium
#12131 Measure connectivity patterns between relays meejah, phw, atagar, r.a@…, gk, catalyst assigned metrics-team project Medium
#12836 scramblesuit: 'State' object has no attribute 'closingThreshold' phw, yawning new defect Medium
#13727 BridgeDB should not distribute Tor Browser's default bridges isis, rransom, sysrqb, mikeperry, GeKo, yawning, phw assigned defect Medium
#16520 Add research idea to Run some onion services to observe crawling trends dlmccoy@…, naif, phw, teor assigned metrics-team task Medium
#16558 Dir auths should vote about Invalid like they do about BadExit teor, isis, yawning, tom, phw, karsten, micah, s7r, ln5 new defect Medium
#17315 explain replay prevention in obfs4 spec phw, yawning new defect Medium
#19068 Write and run a clique reachability test. atagar, phw, catalyst new task Medium
#19183 Add sybilhunter's visualisations to Metrics website karsten, phw assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#19332 Add a BridgeDB module asn, metrics-team, gaba, cohosh, ahf, dgoulet, phw new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#20348 Allot Communications blocking of vanilla Tor, obfs4, and meek in Kazakhstan, starting 2016-06 phw, cohosh reopened project Medium
#21315 publish some realtime stats from the broker? metrics-team, cohosh, phw new enhancement Medium
#21952 .Onion everywhere?: increasing the use of onion services through automatic redirects and aliasing dgoulet, asn, ilf, gk, isabela, arma, fdsfgs@…, hacim, guido@…, alec.muffett@…, mrphs, brade, mcs, catalyst, arthuredelstein, a.krey@…, phw, dmr assigned tbb-team project Medium
#24310 Consider encrypted bookmarks addon for storing onions on the browser antonela, mcs, tom, phw, dmr, arthuredelstein, intrigeri new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#25884 add support for exitmap requirements phw new dgoulet enhancement Medium
#28496 Consider dropping yahoo from the bridgedb email domains irl, phw assigned dgoulet enhancement Medium
#28521 fte is not working using default tor browser bridges tbb-team, kpdyer, phw needs_information kpdyer defect Medium
#29269 Evaluation of bridge statistics cohosh, phw, metrics-team accepted nickm task Medium
#29275 Get default bridges checked for reachability by OONI cohosh, gk, phw new task Medium
#29276 Make a release of BridgeDB cohosh, phw assigned phw task Medium
#29277 Look into getting default Tor bridges scanned by external reachability tests cohosh, gk, phw assigned phw task Medium
#29985 Give phw access to Snowflake infrastructure hosts ahf, arlolra, cohosh, phw, dcf needs_review task Medium
#30138 Remove serene from snowflake bridge admin dcf, cohosh, phw, arlolra, serene needs_review task Medium
#30142 Remove serene from snowflake.git commit access? dcf, cohosh, arlolra, ahf, phw, serene needs_review task Medium
#30145 Please give phw 'bridgedb' group membership phw new tpa task Medium
#30258 Snowflake proxy stops working during browsing session dcf, arlolra, cohosh, phw assigned cohosh defect Medium
#29278 Assess HTTP proxy cohosh, phw new task Low
#29480 Expose bridge pool assignments again metrics-team, cohosh, phw new sysrqb defect Very Low
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