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#28825 update to 8.04 causes immediate crash on MacOS 10.14.1 mcs, brade, rl1987 new defect Very High
#5940 Figure out own IPv6 address massar, rl1987@…, sven.herzberg@… new enhancement Medium
#12377 get_interface_address6() behaviour iff all interface addresses are internal rl1987@…, catalyst needs_revision defect Medium
#13461 Point to Tor.framework in contrib, for iOS and macOS nickm, rl1987@… new enhancement Medium
#13694 Ship with native build instructions for windows gk, rl1987@… assigned gk enhancement Medium
#13976 Simplify adjustment of consensus speed in testing tor networks rl1987, nickm new defect Medium
#14895 SENTCONNECT TCP RST/TIMEOUT print IP in FAILED/CLOSED rl1987@… new enhancement Medium
#15961 tor fails to handle half-closed TCP connections: it should forward data back on sockets that were shutdown(SHUT_WR) by client rl1987@… new enhancement Medium
#17949 Make loopback address search more accurate rl1987@… needs_revision rl1987 enhancement Medium
#27100 report connection to PT SOCKS proxy separately from OR connection catalyst, mcs, brade, intrigeri, rl1987 assigned ahf enhancement Medium
#28058 Run shellcheck as part of "make check" rl1987 needs_review rl1987 enhancement Medium
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