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#664 Torbutton should not present custom certs if tor is enabled mikeperry, arma new tbb-team enhancement High
#1247 bootstrap hickups when network is down anonym, nickm, intrigeri, arma, Sebastian, ilter, adrelanos@… new enhancement High
#2160 Document rule review process inkerman42@…, lists@…, graffatcolmingov@… new schoen enhancement High
#3600 Prevent redirects from transmitting+storing cookies+identifiers joyton, gk, michael, arma, arthuredelstein, tbb-team new tbb-team defect High
#4229 smartlist_len returns a (signed) int mansourmoufid@… new defect High
#5219 Intelligently use capabilities/privileges and drop what we don't need for all possible platforms nickm, arma new enhancement High
#5221 Intelligently use capabilities/privileges and drop what we don't need for Windows nickm, arma, Shondoit new project High
#5222 Intelligently use capabilities/privileges and drop what we don't need for Mac OS X nickm, arma new enhancement High
#5456 Defend against path bias and tagging attacks rransom, nickm, arma, mikeperry, isis, saint new project High
#5968 Improve onion key and TLS management nickm, arma, rransom, dfc@…, isis new enhancement High
#9001 Slow Guard Discovery of Hidden Services and Clients rpw, nickm, arma, sysrqb, asn, andrea, dave2008713@…, special new defect High
#10692 GetTor needs official two-factor-enabled dropbox and google accounts sukhbir, arma, hellais, cohosh reopened defect High
#13444 "GhostNode" - support relays that cannot accept incoming connections. arma new project High
#16824 Emit a warning message about side channel leaks when using relays as clients arma, dmr needs_revision defect High
#25140 Parse only .torrc files in torrc.d directory iry, adrelanos, whonix-devel@…, danielpinto52@…, tseretni-rmd needs_review Jigsaw52 task High
#25555 Reimplement Optimistic SOCKS feature arthuredelstein, sysrqb, pospeselr, arma new tbb-team defect High
#25764 Improve how circuits are displayed to the user on Android igt0, arthuredelstein, tseretni-rmd new tbb-team defect High
#29285 Improve the PT spec and how PTs interface with Tor cohosh, arma, gaba, brade, mcs, msherr assigned phw project High
#30716 Improve the obfs4 obfuscation protocol arma, cohosh, gaba, phw, robgjansen, msherr, dcf needs_revision phw task High
#32195 Rename net_is_disabled, net_is_completely_disabled, and PERIODIC_EVENT_FLAG_NEED_NET arma, dgoulet new defect High
#1136 When Tor is offline, it doesn't quite run out of relays, so doesn't realize it's offline arma, nickm, Sebastian, mikeperry, teor new defect Medium
#1939 Trac Homepage should be a dev landing page nickm, arma new defect Medium
#3767 Allow Tor to listen on a specific interface for ORPort nickm, arma new enhancement Medium
#3782 Add native chroot support to Tor nickm, arma, weasel new enhancement Medium
#4270 Provide optimized postgres config for bw scanners aagbsn, karsten, arma, mikeperry new enhancement Medium
#4708 Implement bwauth cap for latency rransom, arma, Sebastian, aagbsn new enhancement Medium
#5464 Decentralized measurement for network load balancing arma, aagbsn, isis@…, robgjansen, gk, starlight@… assigned arma enhancement Medium
#5707 Use end to end stream timing data to further prune circuits arma, r_a@…, mikeperry new enhancement Medium
#6369 Gather empirical data on AES/RSA operations performed by typical relays or bridges nickm, arma, teor assigned metrics-team task Medium
#6948 Shared memory for zygote mind meld mikeperry, nickm, arma, adrelanos@…, intrigeri@…, sysrqb new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#7046 TBB Comfort loader when connecting to Tor Hidden Services hellais, mikeperry, strangecharm new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#7174 Refactor node_t and router lists to make it easier to identify bugs arma, nickm, andrea new project Medium
#7357 Collect more statistics to better understand simulations arma, karsten, robgjansen, teor new enhancement Medium
#7358 Decide on list of stats to collect arma, karsten, robgjansen new task Medium
#7360 Document process of collection and extraction, formatting, etc. arma, karsten, robgjansen new task Medium
#7382 Design/implement technique for measuring/collecting inter-relay network latency arma, karsten, robgjansen, nickm new enhancement Medium
#7509 Publish and use circuit success rates in extrainfo descriptors arma, aagbsn@… new enhancement Medium
#7903 Research ways of adding Extended ORPort support to pyptlib dcf, arma, nickm, zwol new task Medium
#7986 Lengthen the consensus validity interval arma, mikeperry needs_revision enhancement Medium
#8105 Provide an overview of Analysis ticket results for researchers peer, arma assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#8337 Trusteer crashes Tor Browser lecky123, someoneelse, brade, mcs, phoul, torment, js9reyn, mikeperry needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#9493 Implement an option to pad HTTPS requests against traffic analysis micahlee, mikeperry, arma, zyan, lisacyao, agl@…, schoen, g.koppen@… new pde enhancement Medium
#9575 Rename "New Identity" arma, mikeperry new tbb-team defect Medium
#9778 Add votes document type phw, rndm, wfn, arma assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#10966 Define a process on how new support assistants can be accepted in the team arma accepted phoul task Medium
#11013 Windows installer's language should default to the bundle's language arthuredelstein, emmapeel, StrangeCharm new tbb-team defect Medium
#11119 Write a proposal for client-side key pinning arma needs_information defect Medium
#11262 Windows installer should warn when user selects a system folder arma new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#11973 Should relays stop making unencrypted directory connections? bburley, dcole, arma, ilf@… new defect Medium
#12631 Tor Browser for ARM architecture gk, mcs, arma, boklm, intrigeri, peredor needs_revision project Medium
#14118 Holding down SHIFT button while starting Tor Browser starts it in non-Tor mode mikeperry, arma new tbb-team defect Medium
#16546 Should we move anonbib to the Tor website? arma, linda, irl, antonela assigned cypherpunks defect Medium
#17256 Make it smooth to run a relay with Tor Browser arma, mcs new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#17594 Please reopen existing tabs and windows after upgrade tseretni-rmd new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#17769 Think of ways to make Tor Browser multi-user aware brade, mcs, tseretni-rmd new tbb-team task Medium
#18130 Fold in pre 3.0 Tor Browser changelogs arma new erinn enhancement Medium
#18186 tor browser updater handles full disk poorly gk, mikeperry, arma new tbb-team defect Medium
#18311 Document first party isolation for Tor researchers arma new tbb-team defect Medium
#18751 Serious mistake in Settings - Outbound Network Proxy Type arma new n8fr8 task Medium
#18948 "Check for Tor Browser Update" label should by dynamic weasel, tbb-team, brade, tseretni-rmd new tbb-team defect Medium
#19911 Whonix project official licensee of The trademarks arma, gk, ssteele, whonix-devel@… new task Medium
#20314 Make SVG click-to-play and support fallback brade, mcs, dcf, arma, mrphs, linda, dmr new tbb-team defect Medium
#21217 Organizing and adding to lnl, hiro, isabela, arma assigned lnl task Medium
#21273 Proxy settings unecessarily limit guard selection process arma, brade, mcs, gk new brade defect Medium
#21360 add controller event to track changes to 'getinfo onions/detached' arma new enhancement Medium
#21642 Prop275: Eliminate "published" times from microdescriptor consensus arma new enhancement Medium
#22182 Revision of perl script for updating mirror page on website phoul, alison, arma needs_review Samdney defect Medium
#22274 Explain when multiprocess mode in Tor Browser gets disabled linda, arma new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#22304 Support generating HS private key / onion address without publishing segfault@…, arma new enhancement Medium
#22642 TorBrowser 7.x Mac - Disable kMDItemWhereFroms extended attributes at least in Private Browsing Mode DrMikeTwiddle new tbb-team defect Medium
#22710 produce an "all locales" nightly build of Tor Browser arma, emmapeel needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#22981 Don't block audio/video on https sites under Medium Security intrigeri, tseretni-rmd new tbb-team defect Medium
#23446 Write a guidelines documentation for requirements with Tor integration by third parties arma, arthuredelstein, gk, brade, mcs reopened tbb-team task Medium
#23839 Testing Framework for Censorship Circumvention gk, arthuredelstein, brade, mcs, boklm, pospesel, hellias, arma, sysrqb, cohosh new tbb-team defect Medium
#24058 Allow more link - WeSupportTor arma, gk new qbi task Medium
#24132 work antonela, hiro, boklm, tseretni-rmd assigned isabela defect Medium
#24133 work antonela, hiro, Samdney, alison, tseretni-rmd assigned pili defect Medium
#25197 Design document isn't precise about "Security" and "Privacy". arma, hiro new tbb-team defect Medium
#25198 User manual should explain Tor Browser features more arthuredelstein, arma, hiro, brade, mcs, antonela assigned wayward defect Medium
#25210 Measure how often tor clients fetch the consensus arma new metrics-team project Medium
#25410 The Tor browser button icon and no script icon are low resolution arma, mcs new tbb-team defect Medium
#25681 Defend against flooding of the broker by low bandwidth snowflakes arma, dcf, arlolra new defect Medium
#25754 Make Prop#291 choices arma, isis, asn, nickm new defect Medium
#25892 Replace RejectPlaintextPorts with RejectPlaintextPortPolicy gk, arma, isis reopened enhancement Medium
#26113 Control spec is ambiguous whether a GETCONF error message is specified arma, meejah, sysrqb, catalyst new defect Medium
#26836 Update and refresh the research portal antonela, mikeperry, arma new project Medium
#27699 Release teams: please verify the website lists the correct key atagar, arma new task Medium
#28083 Sort website mirror list by region phoul, alison, arma, Samdney, linda, aquintex needs_review traumschule enhancement Medium
#28290 Don't allow fingerprinting via navigator.userAgent Torontoman, HenkAnon, sj2001010, bigsteve1337, op_mb, dapphp, unarmed new tbb-team defect Medium
#28807 Ask authority operators to set `MaxAdvertisedBandwidth 0` in their torrcs arma new enhancement Medium
#28930 consider reordering PT/proxy phases brade, mcs, arma needs_revision ahf enhancement Medium
#29330 Do something with advertised bandwidth distribution graphs metrics-team, arma new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#29925 "See My Path" onboarding not shown after tab switch catalyst, arma, antonela new tbb-team defect Medium
#30479 Move away from using signed git tags to avoid rollback attacks? kevun, arma, boklm new tbb-team defect Medium
#30872 Test BridgeDB's distribution channels in controlled experiment cohosh, arma, gaba new dcf project Medium
#30939 Use Firefox's Tracking Protection as a means for performance improvements arma, sysrqb, antonela new tbb-team project Medium
#30986 Understand the "long tail" of unclassifiable network traffic cohosh, dcf, gaba, arma, phw assigned phw project Medium
#31000 Authorities should cap relay consensus weight as a new consensus method arma needs_information enhancement Medium
#31340 Tor sometimes stalls traffic at 2s intervals (6s most common) gaba, arma, gk assigned dgoulet defect Medium
#32273 archive private information from SVN arma new task Medium
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