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#4682 Deal with 'double door' effects because our read and write rate limiting are independent nickm, tschorsch@…, robgjansen, arthuredelstein assigned arma project Medium
#7346 Add stream-level pushback into n23 design iang, malsabah, robgjansen new project Medium
#24018 Automate measuring connection timeouts per exit arthuredelstein, teor, robgjansen, hiro, karsten new metrics-team project Medium
#5830 Write tool to automate web queries to Tor; and use Stem to track stream/circ allocation and results robgjansen, karsten, gsathya, cwacek, arthuredelstein, gk assigned metrics-team task Medium
#7358 Decide on list of stats to collect arma, karsten, robgjansen new task Medium
#7360 Document process of collection and extraction, formatting, etc. arma, karsten, robgjansen new task Medium
#30420 Should we recommend that relay operators turn on tcp bbr? robgjansen new task Medium
#30716 Improve the obfs4 obfuscation protocol arma, cohosh, gaba, phw, robgjansen, msherr, dcf needs_revision phw task High
#5464 Decentralized measurement for network load balancing arma, aagbsn, isis@…, robgjansen, gk, starlight@… assigned arma enhancement Medium
#6781 Make cell statistics useful in simulations again arma, karsten, robgjansen new enhancement Low
#7357 Collect more statistics to better understand simulations arma, karsten, robgjansen, teor new enhancement Medium
#7382 Design/implement technique for measuring/collecting inter-relay network latency arma, karsten, robgjansen, nickm new enhancement Medium
#8190 Relays should publish number of refill intervals where the token bucket went dry robgjansen, karsten, teor new enhancement Medium
#33974 Update OnionPerf to TGen 1.0.0 metrics-team, acute, robgjansen, jnewsome accepted acute enhancement Medium
#34213 Replace TorCtlParser with OnionTrace's control log parser metrics-team, jnewsome, robgjansen, acute, phw new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#22422 Add noise to PaddingStatistics karsten, mikeperry, robgjansen, amj703 new defect High
#25141 enabling CellStatistics results in gigabytes of incremental memory consumption karsten, robgjansen, iwakeh new defect High
#29427 kist: Poor performance with a small amount of sockets pastly, robgjansen needs_revision dgoulet defect Medium
#29698 Edge case that causes improper circuit prioritization for one scheduling run robgjansen needs_revision dgoulet defect Medium
#33538 v3bw files with too large of weights lead to relays being selected nearly uniformly at random arma, robgjansen, gk new defect Medium
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