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#9001 Slow Guard Discovery of Hidden Services and Clients rpw, nickm, arma, sysrqb, asn, andrea, dave2008713@…, special new defect High
#2077 Overwriting files can fail on Windows special@…, shondoit@… needs_information defect Medium
#12500 Add an option to upload hidden service descriptors some time after startup special new enhancement Medium
#14854 Document the hardlimit of HiddenServiceAuthorizeClient basic special new defect Medium
#17216 Make Tor Browser's updater work over Hidden Services isis, asn, special, mikeperry, gk, mcs, brade, whonix-devel@…, boklm, weasel, ln5 new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#17254 Scalable HSes by splitting intro/rendezvous teor, special needs_revision TvdW enhancement Medium
#17591 Use channel padding to obscure circuit setup asn, yawning, special, dgoulet, teor, mikeperry new enhancement Medium
#18620 HSFORGET command to clear cached client state for a HS special needs_revision str4d enhancement Medium
#19162 Make it even harder to become HSDir dgoulet, special, teor, nickm accepted arma defect Medium
#19522 HS intro circuit retry logic fails when network interface is down dgoulet, special, timonh, stephan needs_revision defect Medium
#16548 Change the HS nomenclature from hidden to onion saint, special, dmr new cypherpunks task Very Low
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