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#13450 BwAuth is leaving ~10% of relays unmeasured tim@…, teor new aagbsn defect Very High
#8387 Unbuilt one-hop circuits sometimes hang around forever atagar, karsten, teor new nickm defect High
#15272 Think of more research questions that we can answer with statistics isabela, karsten, dgoulet, teor new task High
#15421 Relay crash when reloading and resolv.conf is empty teor new defect High
#17282 Chutney could use a HOWTO for writing new test cases, network tests, etc teor assigned nickm enhancement High
#17901 Tor would bind ControlPort to public ip address if it has no localhost interface teor, yawning new defect High
#1136 When Tor is offline, it doesn't quite run out of relays, so doesn't realize it's offline arma, nickm, Sebastian, mikeperry, teor assigned mikeperry defect Medium
#5788 Add support for relays without an IPv4 address kwadronaut@…, pterjan, teor, dominik@… new ln5 enhancement Medium
#6418 Drop support for older versions of the hidden service protocol teor new enhancement Medium
#7028 Implement Adaptive Padding or some variant and measure overhead vs accuracy g.koppen@…, nikita@…, whonix-devel@…, teor, mikeperry new project Medium
#7357 Collect more statistics to better understand simulations arma, karsten, robgjansen, teor new enhancement Medium
#7798 Use directory guards even when consensus isn't live teor needs_information defect Medium
#8190 Relays should publish number of refill intervals where the token bucket went dry robgjansen, karsten, teor new enhancement Medium
#9925 Directory Authorities can crash client/relay by scrambling microdesc assignments teor2345@… needs_revision defect Medium
#11625 Tor DNSPORT returns NXDOMAIN for AAAA records? mickeyc, teor new defect Medium
#14939 Support ipv6 addresses in Tor Circuit DIsplay mcs, teor new tbb-team defect Medium
#16520 Run some onion services to observe crawling trends dlmccoy@…, naif, phw, teor assigned metrics-team project Medium
#16538 Limit the impact of a malicious HSDir teor new project Medium
#16558 Dir auths should vote about Invalid like they do about BadExit teor, isis, yawning, tom, phw, karsten, micah, s7r, ln5 new defect Medium
#17254 Scalable HSes by splitting intro/rendezvous teor, special needs_revision TvdW enhancement Medium
#17591 Use channel padding to obscure circuit setup asn, yawning, special, dgoulet, teor new mikeperry enhancement Medium
#19162 Make it even harder to become HSDir dgoulet, special, teor, nickm accepted arma defect Medium
#20021 Require ntor-onion-key in microdescriptors, descriptors teor needs_revision nickm defect Medium
#20050 Testing: add a controller feature to generate paths without building circuits teor needs_revision nickm defect Medium
#21006 Reduce NumDirectoryGuards to 1 asn, teor new defect Medium
#21345 Do relays count dir reqs as completed before they're complete? teor, karsten, dgoulet new task Medium
#21697 torflow bwfiles maybe should be updated mikeperry, teor needs_review aagbsn defect Medium
#21846 BwAuthority can't be run out of the box without manual work chelseakomlo, mikeperry, teor, AgentSeb, davidwf, tom needs_review aagbsn enhancement Medium
#22156 Add Rust linting/formatting tools Sebastian, teor, acrichton@… new enhancement Medium
#22355 Update dir-spec with client fallback directory mirror attempt and timeout behaviour teor, catalyst new defect Medium
#23472 Add support for ed25519 authorities and bridges to chutney teor@… new enhancement Medium
#23473 Add support for ed25519 fallbacks ids to the fallback script teor@… new enhancement Medium
#23494 Add chutney tests for hidden and single onion services through bridges teor@… new defect Medium
#23498 Teach chutney not to send HSv3 hostnames to 0.3.1 and earlier clients teor@… new defect Medium
#23502 prop224: Don't make IPv4 mandatory because one day we'll have IPv6 only relays teor needs_revision dgoulet defect Medium
#393 hidden services resolve hosts only once weasel, nickm, Sebastian, saint, teor assigned rransom defect Low
#13260 Transform code to cleaner c99 style mcs, teor, ahf, catalyst new defect Low
#17623 Improve not-a-server behavior of server-only timer callbacks teor new defect Low
#18674 Tor rejects [::]/8 and [::]/127 explicitly, but the latter is sometimes eliminated teor new defect Low
#18856 Talk with tor's ORPort yawning, teor new atagar enhancement Low
#22942 Empty menuitem below "About Tor Browser" teor new tbb-team defect Very Low
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