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#7193 Tor's sybil protection doesn't consider IPv6 tyseom, gk needs_revision enhancement Medium
#15844 Develop database schema to support Onionoo's search parameter efficiently tyseom,… assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#15848 Update details documents in a single, atomic step tyseom assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#16843 Add all bwauth measurements (from votes) tyseom assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#17127 Fix and re-enable --master-key option, possibly --out (for keys) and possibly --nopass for non-interactive key generation s7r, tyseom new enhancement Medium
#11573 Store pre-generated response parts in a database rather than in plain files wfn, tyseom assigned metrics-team enhancement Low
#18134 tor issues missleading permission warning when torrc overrides User config directive of default torrc tyseom new defect Low
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