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Ticket Summary Cc Status Owner Type Priority
#2340 protect users against freeze, replay and version-rollback attacks weasel, adrelanos@… assigned tbb-team defect Very High
#14354 Improve torflow engineering quality and deployment procedure sebastian, weasel, ln5 new defect High
#3782 Add native chroot support to Tor nickm, arma, weasel new enhancement Medium
#7875 debian obfsproxies can't advertise ports under 1024 asn, mo, weasel, torvlnt33r@…, mttp, dgoulet new asn defect Medium
#10177 get oftc using bulkexitlist again weasel, sukhbir, pastly new arlolra task Medium
#10341 [hw14] Move existing VMs to new hardware/cluster weasel new tpa task Medium
#10982 How about adding a “blocked” state? weasel, nickm new task Medium
#11355 Provide obfsproxy nightlies in our debian repositories weasel, lunar accepted lunar task Medium
#16710 Graph or plot test coverage over time? weasel new enhancement Medium
#17754 cannot work inside lxc container weasel, patrick@… needs_information defect Medium
#18043 explain rationale of start-tor-browser.desktop using --deteach weasel, mcs, mikeperry, gk, whonix-devel@… new tbb-team task Medium
#18294 systemd AppArmorProfile= directive unavailable leads to not loading AppArmor profile on Debian jessie weasel new defect Medium
#18449 Make a deb of Tor Messenger and get into Debian sukhbir, proper, arlolra, boklm, weasel, ioerror new enhancement Medium
#18629 needs a shepherd or it will go away weasel, boklm, mikeperry, gk, sajolida new tbb-team task Medium
#18796 merge obfs4proxy apt repository into regular repositories whonix-devel@…, weasel new weasel enhancement Medium
#18948 improve update notification UX weasel, tbb-team, brade, tseretni-rmd new tbb-team defect Medium
#19171 Update all relevant online-services addresses and phone numbers to new office weasel needs_review nickm defect Medium
#19914 DKIM causing trouble with Tor lists, should be stripped weasel new qbi defect Medium
#21453 add ClientTransportPlugin configuration to tor-service-defaults-torrc by default weasel, whonix-devel@… new enhancement Medium
#23119 Make Tors no longer warn if they're running a newer-than-recommended version? weasel, sebastian new enhancement Medium
#26910 Could tor drop privileges even earlier? (before trying to access anything on the filesystem beyond its torrc files) weasel, dmr new enhancement Medium
#27008 Remove ooniprobe and dependencies hellais, weasel reopened irl task Medium
#27445 archive signing key expired weasel new defect Medium
#27998 Find automatic solution to run the mirror script phoul, alison, arma, Samdney, linda, aquintex, weasel assigned hiro task Medium
#28046 Delete unused authdirbadexit.git repo arma, atagar, karsten, weasel new tor-gitadm task Medium
#6 Confused server clocks can screw up timing weasel assigned nickm defect Low
#30 multiple client processes colliding weasel assigned nickm defect Low
#39 Certificate rotation sometimes does not happen. weasel assigned nickm defect Low
#54 log format lacks year weasel assigned nickm defect Low
#393 hidden services resolve hosts only once weasel, nickm, Sebastian, saint, teor assigned rransom defect Low
#469 please limit connections by client weasel, nickm, pankkake, arma, Sebastian needs_revision defect Low
#16106 Sandbox causes crash when creating a hidden service through the control port weasel, segfault@… reopened defect Low
#28 move .mixminionrc to .mixminion/ weasel assigned nickm defect Very Low
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