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#7349 Obfsbridges should be able to "disable" their ORPort isis, yawning, cass, mrphs, gk, catalyst, ln5, phoul, dmr, phw new project Very High
#5211 Discuss other ways for the bridge authority to run bridge reachability tests isis, yawning new task High
#7144 Implement Bridge Guards and other anti-enumeration defenses nickm, andrea, yawning, isis, catalyst new project High
#13185 Orbot still accesses the public Tor network with bridges configured n8fr8, yawning new n8fr8 defect High
#13737 Move circuit building crypto to worker nickm, andrea, yawning, chelseakomlo assigned yawning enhancement High
#16844 Slow clients can't bootstrap because they expire their consensus fetch but then receive all the bytes from it anyway, making them expire their next fetch, putting them in a terrible loop yawning, catalyst, phw new defect High
#17159 Deploy the PT reachability tests on some centralised system which reports to BridgeDB/BridgeAuth yawning, isis, gk new defect High
#8351 Refactor our controller-command/torrc-option processing logic into a data-driven function yawning, catalyst needs_revision enhancement Medium
#9125 Allow reporting different obfs ports to bridge db isis, yawning new enhancement Medium
#10218 Provide "users-per-transport-per-country" statistics for obfsbridges wfn, yawning, isis, mrphs, tim@…, dcf assigned joelanders enhancement Medium
#10671 Pluggable Transports: Improve method of transferring parameters to client-side transports dcf, zwol, phw, yawning, kpdyer, infinity0, isis new enhancement Medium
#10680 Provide more statistics on current public bridges asn, lunar, karsten, isis, yawning assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#10782 Improve the spec of UniformDH phw, yawning new task Medium
#10873 review liballium yawning new task Medium
#11101 Bridges should report implementation versions of their pluggable transports asn, phw, yawning, isis new enhancement Medium
#12836 scramblesuit: 'State' object has no attribute 'closingThreshold' phw, yawning new defect Medium
#13978 Get tor working with ns-3 yawning new task Medium
#14899 Enable Tor to work without using filesystem for cached files yawning, meejah new enhancement Medium
#15232 Specify a potential TLS-replacing protocol for future use in Tor. yawning new defect Medium
#15883 Redesign/Rewrite the BridgeAuthority isis, yawning, nickm new enhancement Medium
#16120 Detect if the network goes down yawning, n8fr8, asn, catalyst new enhancement Medium
#16558 Dir auths should vote about Invalid like they do about BadExit teor, isis, yawning, tom, phw, karsten, micah, s7r, ln5 new defect Medium
#16682 Deploy TCP Fast Open at exits (and maybe inter-node?) yawning, nickm new enhancement Medium
#16931 Sanitize the add-on blocklist update URL basvd, yawning, skeletonchimp new tbb-team defect Medium
#17315 explain replay prevention in obfs4 spec phw, yawning new defect Medium
#17591 Use channel padding to obscure circuit setup asn, yawning, special, dgoulet, teor, mikeperry new enhancement Medium
#17806 Make onion queues rational, combine with workqueue logic. yawning new enhancement Medium
#17999 Changed default GUI font might help fingerprinting JA Windows users yawning, arthuredelstein new tbb-team defect Medium
#18113 Dynamically allocate clients to default Tor Browser bridges of a certain type isis, gk, yawning, dcf, mcs, brade, nickm needs_information brade enhancement Medium
#18369 Linux Tor Browser should not store data in the Browser (application) directory brade, gk, yawning, dgr new mcs defect Medium
#19750 Sandboxing in Tor Browser brade, mcs, yawning, gk, intrigeri new tbb-team defect Medium
#20820 Add font support for Shift-JIS arthuredelstein, gk, yawning, fdsfgs@… new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#20842 Proposal: Improve Tor Browser font whitelist / bundled fonts gk, yawning, brade, mcs, linda assigned tbb-team defect Medium
#20843 Tor Browser: How do we help users to use higher security? mrphs, yawning, brade, mcs, intrigeri, linda, dmr new defect Medium
#21034 Per site security settings? yawning, brade, mcs, gk, jonathanfemideer, intrigeri, fdsfgs@…, i139 new tbb-team defect Medium
#21218 Switch search engine on about:tor if the one in the search bar changes brade, mcs, yawning new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#21728 Features that are made "HTTPS-only" should be available on .onion sites as well yawning new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#21983 Should we do more to discourage custom prefs and nonstandard addons? yawning, brade, mcs new tbb-team defect Medium
#22974 NoScript (and Tor Browser) vulnerable to Mozilla Add-On Code Execution yawning new tbb-team defect Medium
#24694 sched: Use the socket RTT in KIST to compute a more accurate extra space pastly, yawning new enhancement Medium
#29694 Build Go binaries with `-buildmode=pie"? dcf, yawning new tbb-team defect Medium
#9957 Tor should consider stderr output of transport proxies asn, yawning, mcs, ahf new enhancement Very Low
#14828 Multiple hidden services can share a pk_digest/service_id. yawning needs_revision twim defect Very Low
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