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#33585 torsocks ssh failed new defect Very High
#23864 Onion browser can be signed with a Enterprise Distribution certificate, to get around China's censorship new defect High
#28278 Connect to tor new defect High
#18687 Feature REQ: Tor Cache- A feature to cache websites to avoid captcha/identification new enhancement Medium
#19832 torsocks cross-referenced bug from perl5 new defect Medium
#21098 Have to download tor setup everyday and site does not recognize capcha feature new defect Medium
#22480 MmsService auto-checks itself in Orbot new defect Medium
#24492 Set default /path/ to/ torrc new enhancement Medium
#26021 Compile with Intel Control Flow Guard instruction new enhancement Medium
#27667 Enable Firefox Multi-Account Containers to fwork on Tor Browser new enhancement Medium
#27699 Release teams: please verify the website lists the correct key new task Medium
#27721 Third party cookie not working even if I explicitly allow them new defect Medium
#30003 orbot .torrc fails new defect Medium
#31824 Orfox RIP bookmark export crashes app instantly new defect Medium
#31836 Idea for the realization of chats via the Tor network new enhancement Medium
#32856 Tor Browser for Android to Private Obfs4 Bridge Stuck at 10% new defect Medium
#32908 Only re-build missing incremental .mar files assigned tbb-team enhancement Medium
#32941 snowflake-webextension "WebRTC feature is not detected." new defect Medium
#32990 Idk if my phones tracked new task Medium
#33017 Tor-Browser: NoScript config is not reset after new defect Medium
#34026 Cannot change Background Color in Preferences new defect Medium
#34150 Snowflake as a linux daemon new defect Medium
#34158 irssi over tor via torsocks not works! new defect Medium
#22184 Clarify bittorrent advice re: smaller files (Zeronet) new task Low
#27364 update ricochet to use hsv3 new project Low
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