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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#15161 CTCP fingerprinting reopened sukhbir defect Immediate
#17833 Two contacts dangerously merging as one assigned arlolra defect Very High
#17510 Store aliases locally new enhancement High
#17727 Request presence when granting it in XMPP new defect High
#19709 Add support for blocking users new defect High
#20263 Replace SAX Parser with something in pure js new defect High
#10939 Check and disable Instantbird logging reopened task Medium
#10941 Secure messaging window new task Medium
#10943 Sandboxing Instantbird new task Medium
#10944 Audit Instantbird's security new task Medium
#10945 Instantbird translations new task Medium
#10950 Share tor process with Tor Browser new task Medium
#13743 Size of Tor Messenger (and Instantbird) bundles new task Medium
#14160 Upstream the OTR extension assigned arlolra task Medium
#14382 Enable stream isolation new defect Medium
#15150 Window shifts when clicking system-tray icon new defect Medium
#16203 Speak the Ricochet protocol new defect Medium
#16494 Port Tor Button-like functionality new defect Medium
#16526 Import Pidgin configuration new enhancement Medium
#17405 Improve notifications for multiple conversations in a single window new enhancement Medium
#17411 Should we enable/disable typing notifications? new enhancement Medium
#17421 My task bar says "instantbird" for tor messenger new defect Medium
#17429 "So-and-so wants to chat with you; allow?" text is very subtle new defect Medium
#17457 Implement OMEMO new enhancement Medium
#17461 Client does not find responsible jabber servers (not parsing SRV DNS records) new defect Medium
#17465 Unable to connect to bip IRC proxy new defect Medium
#17485 Tor Messenger exits immediatly when clicking on the Menu new defect Medium
#17516 GTalk connection doesn't work when "less secure apps" is turned off new enhancement Medium
#17528 Summarize Tor Messenger protocols new defect Medium
#17961 Evaluate CONIKS as an authenticator assigned huyvq project Medium
#18389 Support CAPTCHA-authorization new defect Medium
#18449 Make a deb of Tor Messenger and get into Debian new enhancement Medium
#18464 Distribute Tor Messenger ChangeLog file in the builds new defect Medium
#19817 Import script to generate update responses and incremental mars in Tor Messenger new boklm task Medium
#20205 Implement SASL EXTERNAL new arlolra defect Medium
#20293 Don't publish buddy list / Rosterless communication new defect Medium
#20294 Don't publish vcards to servers new defect Medium
#21005 Enforce stronger ciphers in Tor Messenger new enhancement Medium
#21526 Implement the OSCAR protocol new enhancement Medium
#21781 Detect application is being run from the .dmg new defect Medium
#21921 Tor Messenger unable to change date/time format in chat new defect Medium
#22441 Tor Messenger not showing notifications from group chat new defect Medium
#22676 Check if key exists before fetching pref new defect Medium
#23665 Enable content process sandbox on Windows new defect Medium
#23675 Trigger deletion of associated OTR keys when account is deleted assigned huyvq defect Medium
#23717 Cannot create multiple temporary XMPP accounts in the same session new defect Medium
#23800 Loading shared object files from world writable directories new defect Medium
#23889 Tor launcher throwing that it can't find localization assigned sukhbir defect Medium
#25028 Update logo for new Tor Launcher design assigned sukhbir defect Medium
#25433 Update our rbm.local.conf file to support make clean-old new defect Medium
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