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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#19001 Tor Browser with Snowflake new project Very High
#29207 New design for broker -- proxy protocol for snowflakes assigned ahf task Very High
#19409 Make a deb of snowflake and get into Debian new enhancement High
#20813 Start producing snowflakes new defect High
#25483 Windows reproducible build of snowflake accepted cohosh project High
#27385 is confusing needs_review arlolra defect High
#29293 New Design for client -- broker protocol for Snowflake new task High
#30999 Spruce up the product pages needs_review cohosh defect High
#19026 Remove local LAN address ICE candidates new enhancement Medium
#19315 Include libwebrtc license files in bundle new task Medium
#19569 DataChannel-only libwebrtc new arlolra enhancement Medium
#21314 snowflake-client needs to stop using my network when I'm not giving it requests new defect Medium
#22945 End-to-end confidentiality for Snowflake client registrations new enhancement Medium
#25429 Need something better than client's `checkForStaleness` assigned cohosh defect Medium
#25591 Pass ICE server information from Broker to WebRTC Client new defect Medium
#25593 Broker needs better resilience against DoS new defect Medium
#25594 Broker: investigate non-domain-fronting secure client / proxy registrations new defect Medium
#25595 Test suite for Snowflake on various NAT topologies new defect Medium
#25596 Configure TURN servers for the proxy and/or client new defect Medium
#25598 Let the broker inform proxies how often to poll new enhancement Medium
#25599 SOCKS4 failure message new defect Medium
#25601 Multiplex - one snowflake proxy should be able to support multiple clients new defect Medium
#25681 Defend against flooding of the broker by low bandwidth snowflakes new defect Medium
#25874 DNS-based rendezvous for Snowflake new project Medium
#25985 Snowflake rendezvous using AMP cache assigned dcf project Medium
#26151 Snowflake rendezvous using Amazon SQS new project Medium
#28651 Prepare all pieces of the snowflake pipeline for a second snowflake bridge new enhancement Medium
#28672 Android reproducible build of Snowflake needs_revision project Medium
#28726 Loosen restrictions on message sizes in WebSocket server new defect Medium
#28917 Delete the proxy opt-in cookie, don't set it to 0 assigned cohosh enhancement Medium
#28942 Evaluate pion WebRTC accepted cohosh enhancement Medium
#29125 Make websocket server tolerant of HTTP/2 new defect Medium
#29205 Look into using Firefox for the WebRTC implementation new task Medium
#29206 New design for client -- server protocol for Snowflake needs_revision cohosh task Medium
#29258 What is the IPv6 story with Snowflake assigned dcf task Medium
#29259 Ensure high test coverage for Snowflake assigned cohosh task Medium
#29260 Should Snowflake proxies have a way to identify themselves to the broker new task Medium
#29736 Use WebSocket protocol to communicate between snowflake proxies and broker assigned ahf enhancement Medium
#29863 Add disk space monitoring for snowflake infrastructure merge_ready task Medium
#30310 Snowflake localization needs_review arlolra task Medium
#30350 Hello, in China, currently, Tor Browser 8.5a11 version can't connect to Tor network through Snowflake bridge. needs_information cohosh defect Medium
#30368 Run some tests to check reachability of snowflake proxies accepted cohosh task Medium
#30494 Crazy snowflake-client segfault new defect Medium
#30498 Proxy-go is receiving a lot of client timeouts new defect Medium
#30510 Share access to the Snowflake domain front CDN configuration new task Medium
#30579 Add more STUN servers to the default snowflake configuration in Tor Browser new defect Medium
#30704 Plan for snowflake update versioning and backwards compatability new task Medium
#30830 Modify snowflake broker logs to make them easier to process for measurements new task Medium
#30867 Write proxy-go tests to cover existing implementation assigned cohosh defect Medium
#30878 Set up snowbox to simulate censorship assigned cohosh task Medium
#31028 Migrate away from the custom websocket library new defect Medium
#31072 State clearly that the snowflake proxy only connects to a bridge and does not make outcoming traffic to the internet needs_revision defect Medium
#31085 Publish the Snowflake WebExtension on AMO for Android new defect Medium
#31092 Specify a location where users can report issues for the Snowflake WebExtension needs_review cohosh defect Medium
#31100 Firefox addon not reporting any users assigned cohosh defect Medium
#31109 Better gamify the UX for snowflake extension new enhancement Medium
#31126 Query.parse returns spurious keys (originating from Object.prototype) assigned dcf defect Medium
#31151 Make pre-compiled binaries for proxy-go new task Medium
#31154 Ideas for hosting Tor Snowflake bridges with changing residential IP addresses? new enhancement Medium
#31157 Collect metrics about what type of proxies are running new enhancement Medium
#25723 Multiplex - one client splits traffic across multiple proxies assigned dcf defect Low
#26092 Split broker into components assigned dcf project Low
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