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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#18540 Detect when ACS doesn't work new atagar defect Very High
#24360 When I open nyx and then Immediately click "qq" it will get in a state where nix disappears new atagar defect Very High
#5186 Show streams on circuits new atagar enhancement High
#18547 Add hostnames and geoip to connection panel new atagar enhancement High
#18694 Native Windows Support new atagar enhancement High
#24820 nyx crashes on startup new atagar defect High
#16431 Arm Graph in Putty is Black new atagar defect Medium
#18708 Welcome page new atagar enhancement Medium
#24832 Drop 'measured' bandwidth from nyx new atagar defect Medium
#4281 Usage popup not unique clients new atagar defect Low
#5835 getstr() doesn't support the delete key new atagar defect Low
#6467 Dialog explaining flags new enhancement Low
#14979 Option to close circuit new atagar enhancement Low
#24288 install process does not include man page new atagar defect Low
#18991 Use HIBERNATION_STATUS in header panel new atagar enhancement Very Low
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