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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#7632 Module overview interlinking new atagar enhancement High
#17979 CollecTor downloader module new atagar defect High
#8248 Incremental descriptor queries new atagar enhancement Medium
#8252 Metrics-lib functionality new atagar enhancement Medium
#8306 Format sanitized bridge descriptors and Torperf measurement results new atagar enhancement Medium
#8780 Support additional nesting in nav menu new atagar enhancement Medium
#15701 Use 'GETINFO status/fresh-relay-descs' in tests new atagar enhancement Medium
#22022 Move to cryptography for ed25519 validation new atagar enhancement Medium
#22627 asyncio controller new atagar enhancement Medium
#23059 Try Rust Descriptor Parsing new atagar enhancement Medium
#25632 Improve stem torrc logging options for integration testing new atagar enhancement Medium
#26902 Download and parse bwauth files new atagar enhancement Medium
#27479 Integ failure with ss new atagar defect Medium
#28170 Test stem pull requests against all supported tor versions, and tor nightly builds assigned teor enhancement Medium Tor: 0.3.5.x-final
#28398 Please provide a method on descriptors for calculating digests needs_information atagar enhancement Medium
#28400 Documentation for Query talks about using run() to get errors, but it's not in the example reopened atagar defect Medium
#28401 stem.client does not fragment across relay cells when making dir requests over orports needs_information atagar defect Medium
#28448 Please provide a method on NetworkStatusDocumentV3 to determine validity or freshness new atagar enhancement Medium
#28450 Add a parse_bytes function to load descriptors from bytes needs_review irl enhancement Medium
#8254 Parse bridge pool assignments new atagar enhancement Low
#8256 Parse Torperf output new atagar enhancement Low
#8260 Port ExoneraTor new atagar enhancement Low
#10522 Client usage tutorial incompatable with some SocksiPy versions new atagar enhancement Low
#13910 Try using Coveralls new atagar enhancement Low
#15260 Banner for tutorials reopened atagar enhancement Low
#15999 End-to-end integ test for hidden service new atagar enhancement Low
#16348 Suppress exception chaining when PEP 3134 is merged accepted atagar defect Low
#19679 Collapsible FAQ items new atagar enhancement Low
#20500 Distribute as a wheel new atagar enhancement Low
#23057 Sockstat connection resolution unreliable new atagar defect Low
#25075 Constants are included in sphinx output new atagar defect Low
#25611 Integ test for MAPADDRESS new atagar defect Low
#26822 Investigate relying on tox's default install capabilities instead of an explicit command new atagar task Low
#27270 Pycodestyle "invalid escape sequence" warnings new atagar defect Low
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