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#33860 Finish test_onionskin_answer() assigned nickm Medium Normal 2 months ago
#33880 Confusing "Your relay has a very large number of connections to other relays" relay message assigned nickm Medium Normal 2 months ago
#20284 consensus weight case 2b3 does not follow dir-spec needs_revision pastly Medium Normal 3 years ago
#17949 Make loopback address search more accurate needs_revision rl1987 Medium Normal 16 months ago
#20006 HSFETCH fails for hidden services which use client authentication needs_revision rl1987 dgoulet Medium Normal 18 months ago
#27143 Look for parts of code that relies on non-trunnel code for binary wire format handling accepted rl1987 Medium Normal 2 years ago
#27324 Rework AUTHENTICATE cell parsing and remaining generation with trunnel accepted rl1987 Medium Normal 20 months ago
#27854 Integration test(s) for tor-resolve needs_information rl1987 dgoulet Medium Normal 15 months ago
#28229 Possible race condition opening SOCKS Port in new rl1987 Medium Normal 13 months ago
#28982 Refactor GETINFO dir/ so that new tor/ URLs automatically become GETINFOs accepted rl1987 Medium Normal 19 months ago
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