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#25530 Closing Tor cleanly from command line (when started from command line) on win32 new tbb-team Medium Normal 17 months ago
#17020 Add test for Config options_act function needs_revision tcz001 Medium Normal 3 years ago
#16564 WIP: Reject bridge descriptors posted to non-bridge authorities needs_revision teor nickm High Normal 4 months ago
#22090 Rename channel client functions for clarity assigned toby Medium Normal 2 years ago
#10186 Backtrace support for windows assigned tom Very High Normal 3 years ago
#14828 Multiple hidden services can share a pk_digest/service_id. needs_revision twim Very Low Minor 3 years ago
#20082 Lower initial descriptor upload delay for hidden services needs_revision twim Medium Normal 9 months ago
#7572 Make relay crypto run on multiple CPU cores assigned yawning High Normal 20 months ago
#9662 Make ntor handshake faster assigned yawning Medium Normal 3 years ago
#11542 Add a new logging domain for transport proxies assigned yawning Low Normal 3 years ago
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