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#29110 Allow passing seed value to slow/prop_distr/* tests new Low Normal 20 months ago
#21281 Allow process poll rate to be customized new Very Low Trivial 3 years ago
#13705 Allow relays to promise in their descriptor that their IP address won't change new Medium Normal 3 years ago
#19625 Allow relays to set peering policy needs_information Medium Normal 3 years ago
#7478 Allow routersets to include/exclude nodes by IPv6 address needs_revision High Normal 8 months ago
#18481 Allow the fallback directory schedules to be changed outside a test network new Very Low Trivial 3 years ago
#7789 Also display configuration file (torrc) location when running as Windows service new Low Normal 3 years ago
#8453 Alter flag-weight balancing equations new Medium Normal 8 months ago
#24735 Always check for the null address when calling address functions needs_revision Medium Normal 3 years ago
#30172 Always send PADDING_NEGOTIATE if middle supports it new Medium Normal 13 months ago
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