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#21511 State.tmp is not erased and it may contain sensitive information needs_information Medium Normal 3 years ago
#22094 Creating private_key/hostname fails with "RO filesystem" message but target dir is actually RW needs_information Medium Normal 3 years ago
#22453 Relays should regularly do a larger bandwidth self-test needs_information juga Medium Normal 9 months ago
#22489 Bridge oftenly reports Failed to find node for hop 0 of our path. Discarding this circuit. needs_information Medium Normal 2 years ago
#23232 misleading log message related to used SSL vendor needs_information Low Trivial 3 years ago
#24249 Create automated mechanism for C/Rust types to stay in sync needs_information chelseakomlo isis Medium Normal 21 months ago
#24454 sandbox failure on arm64 needs_information ahf Medium Normal 16 months ago
#24603 Update control spec to allow decorated IPv6 addresses in reachability events needs_information Medium Normal 17 months ago
#24738 Abort trap: 6 after installation Mac OS 10.13.1 needs_information Very High Normal 3 years ago
#24897 Tor seems to malfunction on FreeBSD needs_information Medium Normal 2 years ago
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