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#31223 Research approaches for improving the availability of services under DoS new Medium Normal 7 months ago
#33687 Create rotating DNS DoH/DoT server list option Trr Core Tor new Medium Major 7 months ago
#18356 obfs4proxy cannot bind to <1024 port with systemd hardened service unit new asn Low Normal 7 months ago
#33632 List ed25519 fingerprints on the command line new Medium Normal 7 months ago
#8111 Refactor our checking of whether we should be reading/writing on a connection to use a set of reason-flags assigned MrSquanchee High Normal 7 months ago
#33603 Catch common errors in tor bash scripts new Medium Normal 7 months ago
#24797 Add an option that makes Tor use fewer connections needs_revision Medium Normal 8 months ago
#32122 Add tests for the git scripts new Medium Normal 8 months ago
#17217 Change clients to automatically use IPv6 if they can bootstrap over it new Low Major 8 months ago
#27648 Stop setting the IPv6 preferred flag on nodes new Medium Normal 8 months ago
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