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#20082 Lower initial descriptor upload delay for hidden services needs_revision twim Medium Normal 18 months ago
#7572 Make relay crypto run on multiple CPU cores assigned yawning High Normal 2 years ago
#9662 Make ntor handshake faster assigned yawning Medium Normal 3 years ago
#13737 Move circuit building crypto to worker assigned yawning High Normal 16 months ago
#16134 The various stream lists tied to the circuit structures should use tor_queue.h new yawning Medium Minor 3 years ago
#16785 Only build/use ed25519-donna. new yawning Medium Normal 3 years ago
#17272 Finalize a proposal for postquantum circuit-extension assigned yawning Medium Normal 3 years ago
#17284 Implement multiple new testing-focused controller features assigned yawning High Normal 3 years ago
#17640 Handle CREATE/CREATED cell processing gracefully under load. assigned yawning Medium Normal 19 months ago
#18638 Write a proposal for PK handshake that uses more client resources than server. assigned yawning Medium Normal 3 years ago
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