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#6289 Multiple Socks Server support in Tor Client new Low Normal 3 years ago
#6311 Migrate TOR_SEARCH_LIBRARY to use pkg-config new High Normal 18 months ago
#6313 Many of Tor's complex functions should be refactored new Medium Normal 3 years ago
#6418 Drop support for older versions of the hidden service protocol new Medium Normal 9 months ago
#6419 is it really a protocolwarn when connection_or_client_learned_peer_id() finds a different keyid? new Low Normal 3 years ago
#6495 Define ReducedExitPolicy/ExitPolicyGroups in tor/dirauths new Medium Normal 3 years ago
#6504 Support Windows environment variables in HiddenServiceDir needs_information Low Normal 3 years ago
#6515 Treat timeout of all name lookup tests as also meaning that DNS is broken new Low Normal 3 years ago
#6622 Tor link against static zlib broken by -pie switch new High Normal 3 years ago
#6623 --enable-static-tor cannot succeed needs_revision nickm Medium Normal 7 days ago
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