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#26469 tor on SunOS: [err] Error from libevent: evport.c:425: Assertion evpd->ed_pending[i] == fd failed in evport_del needs_information Medium Critical 15 months ago
#26769 We should make HSv3 desc upload less frequent needs_information asn Medium Normal 8 months ago
#26780 Fix division by zero error reports from Coverity (CID: 1415721, 1415722, and 1415723) needs_information asn Medium Normal 20 months ago
#26787 Core file left on travis hardened rust builld needs_information Very High Normal 10 months ago
#26933 Minor memleak in HSv3 configuration needs_information Medium Normal 17 months ago
#27066 circuit_build_times_update_alpha(): Bug: Could not determine largest build time needs_information Medium Normal 15 months ago
#27201 rust/protover doesn't forbid version zero needs_information Medium Normal 15 months ago
#27854 Integration test(s) for tor-resolve needs_information rl1987 dgoulet Medium Normal 17 months ago
#27855 Tor exited during startup needs_information Medium Normal 2 years ago
#27896 base32 padding inconsistency between client and server in HS v3 client auth preview needs_information Medium Normal 21 months ago
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