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#7117 One of our code-checking tools should make sure that we don't add more reserved identifiers new Low Normal 3 years ago
#7126 Multipath consensus integrity verification new Medium Normal 3 years ago
#7134 Add statistics on time spent on crypto operations needs_information Medium Normal 3 years ago
#7144 Implement Bridge Guards and other anti-enumeration defenses new High Normal 17 months ago
#7148 Even better parameter voting protocol new High Normal 3 years ago
#7164 microdesc.c:378: Bug: microdesc_free() called, but md was still referenced 1 node(s); held_by_nodes == 1 needs_revision asn High Normal 9 months ago
#7174 Refactor node_t and router lists to make it easier to identify bugs new Medium Normal 23 months ago
#7216 networkstatus_check_consensus_signature() shouldn't warn because of missing certs needs_revision Medium Normal 3 years ago
#7282 Create consensus-info directory commands new Medium Normal 3 years ago
#7346 Add stream-level pushback into n23 design new Medium Normal 3 years ago
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