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Ticket Summary Status Owner Reviewer Priority Severity Modified
#28241 Corrupt cached consensus and microdescs needs_information Medium Normal 20 months ago
#28582 Document the load-balancing goal for sbws needs_information Medium Normal 16 months ago
#28702 bootstrapping slow at times needs_information Medium Normal 22 months ago
#28733 {CONSDIFF} Refusing to apply consensus diff needs_information Medium Normal 21 months ago
#28849 Handle dormant mode in process library and for PT's needs_information High Normal 6 months ago
#28944 Debian logrotate misses line "su" needs_information Low Normal 14 months ago
#29090 Tor Browser session resumption is very slow needs_information Medium Normal 19 months ago
#29201 Tor bootstrap hangs when offline needs_information Medium Normal 20 months ago
#29499 permission error: nyx requires executable permission bit for `/var/lib/tor` needs_information Very Low Minor 19 months ago
#29573 Tests fail without network interface configured needs_information rl1987 Low Normal 19 months ago
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