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#18402 Reduce duplicate code in parse_*_time functions needs_revision yawning Low Minor 3 years ago
#18647 When low on BW, limit the total fraction used to answer directory requests new Low Normal 8 months ago
#18674 Tor rejects [::]/8 and [::]/127 explicitly, but the latter is sometimes eliminated new Low Trivial 3 years ago
#19013 Authorities should log a more accurate message when reachability checks fail new Low Trivial 2 years ago
#19138 Received extra server info (size 0) new Low Trivial 3 years ago
#19378 Remove completely irrelevant warnings from the clang list new Low Normal 3 years ago
#19431 ratelimit message is incorrect. new Low Minor 3 years ago
#19565 SR: Use trunnel for the shared random value construction new Low Minor 3 years ago
#19669 `log_prefix_` maybe getting weird output from strftime new Low Minor 2 years ago
#19853 ServerDNSAllowNonRFC953Hostnames affects clients, and AllowNonRFC953Hostnames affects servers new Low Minor 3 years ago
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