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#7164 microdesc.c:378: Bug: microdesc_free() called, but md was still referenced 1 node(s); held_by_nodes == 1 needs_revision asn High Normal 4 months ago
#7216 networkstatus_check_consensus_signature() shouldn't warn because of missing certs needs_revision Medium Normal 3 years ago
#7478 Allow routersets to include/exclude nodes by IPv6 address needs_revision High Normal 3 months ago
#7482 Discard nonsense in address.c about v4-mapped addresses needs_revision Medium Normal 3 years ago
#7590 [PATCH] New option LocalOutboundBindAddress needs_revision Medium Normal 2 years ago
#7729 Reading pending TLS bytes can take us over at_most needs_revision Medium Normal 3 years ago
#7743 Avoid needless wasted space in cells needs_revision Medium Normal 12 months ago
#7869 ntor-onion-key is padded with an equal sign needs_revision Jigsaw52 catalyst, nickm Low Normal 3 years ago
#7870 Retry on a new circuit for more reasons. needs_revision Medium Normal 14 months ago
#7986 Lengthen the consensus validity interval needs_revision Medium Normal 3 years ago
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