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Ticket Summary Status Owner Reviewer Priority Severity Modified
#17028 silently ignore a bad/missing --defaults-torrc needs_revision Medium Normal 15 months ago
#17081 Improve coverage on src/common/sandbox.c needs_revision Medium Normal 3 years ago
#17101 Tests for connection_ap_handshake_rewrite_and_attach needs_revision ipazmino asn Medium Normal 3 years ago
#17254 Scalable HSes by splitting intro/rendezvous needs_revision TvdW Medium Normal 17 months ago
#17605 Stop HTTP caches storing or modifying X-Your-Address-Is from Tor Directory documents needs_revision jryans nickm High Normal 8 months ago
#17782 Relays may publish descriptors with incorrect IP address needs_revision Medium Major 14 months ago
#17903 router_pick_trusteddirserver_impl should distinguish between fallbacks and authorities needs_revision attila nickm Very Low Minor 3 years ago
#17949 Make loopback address search more accurate needs_revision rl1987 Medium Normal 17 months ago
#18098 prop224: Implement tor-genkey tool for offline HS key creation needs_revision haxxpop Medium Normal 17 months ago
#18402 Reduce duplicate code in parse_*_time functions needs_revision yawning Low Minor 3 years ago
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