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#25883 Onion services do not provide stream events to control port new Medium Normal 21 months ago
#25892 Replace RejectPlaintextPorts with RejectPlaintextPortPolicy reopened Medium Normal 19 months ago
#25899 Only run retry_dns() and check_dns_honesty() on exits new Medium Normal 3 months ago
#25913 If our win32 monotonic timers are not monotonic, make them so. needs_information Medium Normal 11 months ago
#25918 Standardize the 'onion service' name new High Major 21 months ago
#25922 Add an alias mechanism for controller commands and events, and use it for Onion Services new Medium Normal 2 years ago
#25950 Run "accounting_run_housekeeping" with a periodic event. new Medium Normal 3 months ago
#25955 onion v2 deprecation plan new Medium Normal 21 months ago
#25957 Tor died: Caught signal 11 needs_information Medium Normal 7 months ago
#25963 Clarify the bandwidth part of dir-spec new Medium Normal 22 months ago
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