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#22739 Make routerinfo_t and routerstatus_t addresses immutable; store overrides in node_t needs_revision Medium Normal 14 months ago
#22817 SAFECOOKIE description in control spec does not have verifiable test vectors needs_revision Medium Normal 2 years ago
#23168 Guard sample calls relay descriptors a "consensus" needs_revision Medium Normal 2 years ago
#23357 Build with non-Cross-DSO CFI needs_revision Medium Normal 2 years ago
#23500 should check spaces after a comma when in functions. needs_revision Low Trivial 3 years ago
#23573 Do we want to close all connections when tor closes? needs_revision High Normal 19 months ago
#23819 Support IPv6 link-local interface addresses needs_revision Medium Normal 2 years ago
#24000 circuit_send_intermediate_onion_skin() and extend_cell_format() should check for IPv6 needs_revision dgoulet Medium Normal 7 months ago
#24546 Use tor_addr_is_v4() rather than family, or reject all v6-mapped IPv4 addresses needs_revision ahf Medium Normal 8 months ago
#24732 Remove unused IPv6 DirPort code needs_revision ahf Medium Normal 18 months ago
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