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#13738 Make worker handle introduction point crypto new Low Normal 16 months ago
#13753 Validate is_canonical more thoroughly new High Normal 3 years ago
#13755 Declare that Windows XP and earlier are not officially supported. new Medium Normal 3 years ago
#13800 circuit does not close after hidden service is shutdown via control port new Medium Normal 17 months ago
#13815 Attempt to port tor to Google's BoringSSL new Medium Normal 2 years ago
#13817 Untange kludgey library detection, particularly for SSL forks new High Normal 3 years ago
#13908 Make it safe to set NumDirectoryGuards=1 new Medium Normal 13 months ago
#13912 Key Security: Zeroing Buffers Is Insufficient (AES-NI leaves keys in SSE registers) new Medium Normal 3 years ago
#13929 Increase Authority reachability testing rate with low TestingAuthDirTimeToLearnReachability new Medium Normal 3 years ago
#13932 Some way for multiple Tor processes to share directory information new Medium Normal 16 months ago
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