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#13231 Tor(Windows) don't close ports when killed from service control new Medium Normal 3 years ago
#13234 Consensus Algorithm Causes Flip-Flopping new Medium Normal 3 years ago
#13258 Keep stats on effectiveness of consensus diffs new Medium Normal 23 months ago
#13260 Transform code to cleaner c99 style needs_information Low Normal 12 months ago
#13297 compute_weighted_bandwidths() broken for dirauths new Medium Normal 22 months ago
#13386 "opening new log file" line goes to err-logfile despite being at loglevel notice new Low Normal 3 years ago
#13444 "GhostNode" - support relays that cannot accept incoming connections. new High Normal 3 years ago
#13461 Point to Tor.framework in contrib, for iOS and macOS new Medium Normal 18 months ago
#13466 Collect aggregate stats of ntor-using hidden service interactions vs tap-using interactions new Medium Normal 3 years ago
#13484 Do we have edge cases with rend_consider_descriptor_republication()? Can we refactor it to be cleaner? new Low Normal 3 years ago
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