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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#12800 citrix rule fail new zyan defect Medium
#12870 Not loading rulesets from HTTPSEverywhereUserRules on Firefox 31.0 / OS X 10.9.4 new zyan defect Medium
#12902 ScribD breaks with the rule enabled new zyan defect Medium
#12906 Google image search "redirect notice new zyan defect Medium
#12936 CloudFlare rule breaks new zyan defect Medium
#12937 httpse-ruleset-bug : Zencoder flash video not playing new zyan defect Medium HTTPS-E 4 stable
#12965 Amazon CloudFront compatibility (FF / Chrome) new zyan defect Medium
#12987 not fully loading new zyan defect Medium
#12993 Fastly breaks new zyan defect Medium
#13001 HTTPS Everywhere breaks new zyan defect High
#13029 Add a ruleset for new zyan enhancement Medium
#13095 Countdown on not working new zyan defect Medium
#13110 HTTPS Everywhere with Chrome: display error on new zyan defect Medium
#13148 Option to prevent history logging in the console new zyan enhancement Medium
#13304 AWS Ruleset Breaks Amazon Previews and Cart new zyan defect Medium
#13308 Partial Rule for CNBC breaks the controld on flash video new zyan defect Medium
#13388 HTTPS-E v4.0.1 breaks Amazon dynamic images (FF 32) new zyan defect Medium
#13396 Enabling Amazon Web Services rule breaks Amazon Instant Video new zyan defect Medium
#13405 sina weibo login may be break new zyan defect Medium
#13454 ignore rule backup files new zyan defect Low
#13582 Flash video stream will not load on new zyan defect Medium
#13598 unusable with Mozilla nightly 36.0a1 (2014-10-28) - seeing Moved To 302 or variation of new zyan defect Medium
#13649 Start.Me Page Fails if HTTPS Active new zyan defect Medium
#13683 If you enable Amazon Web Services https while shopping on you won't be able to click on the little images of the products new zyan defect Medium
#13777 Apple iOS IPSW downloads broken on Akamai new zyan defect Medium
#13832 HTTPS Everywhere breaks PayPal checkout process new zyan defect High
#13846 HTTPS anywhere in Firefox blocks all videos from playing new zyan defect Medium
#13899 Won't allow videos to be palyed new zyan defect Medium
#13965 https-e breaks NBC Live Extra streaming new defect Medium
#13974 Google Images ruleset delivers 404 on links from Delicious Library 2 new defect Medium
#13986 Steam sites broken by rulesets Steam Static and Steam Community new defect High
#14029 Monotype Imaging new defect Medium
#14043 to new defect Medium HTTPS-E next Firefox dev release
#14074 HTTPS Everywhere Cloudfront rule prevents loading video on new defect Medium HTTPS-E 4 stable
#14078 HTTPS Everywhere causes problems on new defect Medium
#14096 enabling https for BootstrapCDN breaks icons( facebook/ tweeter/ feed/ Google+) new defect High HTTPS-E next Firefox dev release
#14120 Akamai ruleset breaks in plaintext HTTP new defect Medium
#14317 TuneIn media control isn't working properly with default ruleset new defect Low
#14466 HTTPS Everwhere prevents Firefox 35.0 from loading tabs at startup new defect Medium
#15793 not working with rule new defect Medium
#17396 Add tor2web redirects to HTTPS-E in TBB new virgil enhancement Medium
#28005 Officially support onions in HTTPS-Everywhere new legind defect Medium
#29900 not working new legind defect Medium
#31093 unusable new legind defect Medium
#4593 Breaks / reopened pde defect Medium
#5686 Many rules fail to initiate rewrite to https & some that do produce insecure sessions reopened pde defect Medium
#6486 Offer option to disable redirection loop detection reopened pde enhancement Low
#9452 https everywhere conection failure (firefox) reopened pde defect Medium
#10066 Incorrect git hash used by and reopened zyan defect High
#11617 HTTPS-E v3.5.3 breaks Sape blog/forum login reopened pde defect Medium HTTPS-E 3.5
#11619 HTTPS-E v3.5.3 breaks Livejournal threads, styles, upper bar reopened pde defect Medium HTTPS-E 3.5
#12105 Radar feature will not load on reopened zyan defect Medium
#14445 LiveJournal (partial) reopened defect Medium
#14446 Samsung (partial) reopened defect Medium
#15763 Need whitelist entry for and reopened defect Medium HTTPS-E next Chrome release
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