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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#6367 make dedicated sudo passwords new tpa defect Medium
#10338 [hw14] Upgrade Tor's virtual machine infrastructure assigned tpa project Medium Upgrade Tor's VM Infrastructure
#10341 [hw14] Move existing VMs to new hardware/cluster new tpa task Medium Upgrade Tor's VM Infrastructure
#13134 Figure out access rights to new new tpa task Medium WebsiteV3
#17201 Migrate everything from internal SVN assigned nickm defect Medium
#17202 Shut down SVN assigned nickm defect Medium
#17467 Add proposals to assigned tpa enhancement Medium
#18796 merge obfs4proxy apt repository into regular repositories new tpa enhancement Medium
#19805 provide more onion services new tpa defect Medium
#20122 Create VM for Tor Browser tests reopened tpa task Medium
#20319 set HPKP headers on onionoo needs_revision tpa defect Medium
#20821 VM to install gitlab new tpa task Medium
#21140 Document the distinction between sys admin and service admin new hiro enhancement Medium
#21303 monitor our fastly usage for early warning of overage charges needs_information hiro task Medium
#22384 Duplicate Blog component needs_information hiro defect Medium
#23035 make CRM able to receive mail new tpa defect Medium
#23574 Don't allow text injection in our 404 page accepted hiro defect Medium
#24827 Deploy apache solr on tpo infrastructure new tpa defect Medium
#24845 update Limesurvey theme and logo to follow assigned hiro task Medium
#24846 create logo for Tor Project | Survey assigned antonela task Medium
#25146 Enable HPKP for aus1 new tpa task Medium
#25322 Finding a way to serve search.tpo for the different portals new tpa defect Medium
#25575 Server space request (175 GB total) for hosting Tor Browser downloads new tpa project Medium
#25590 Add a configuration line to the consensus-health Apache config new tpa defect Medium
#20275 [onion] new tpa enhancement Low
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