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#25274 Consolidate Onionoo's API new Low Normal karsten 2 years ago
#23348 Update all documentation markdown files assigned Medium Normal iwakeh 23 months ago
#24384 Decode percent-encoded characters in qualified search terms needs_revision Medium Normal karsten 23 months ago
#25742 add more metadata about relays: #1 DNSSEC validation, #2 DNS server new Medium Normal cypherpunks 22 months ago
#26132 Fix the Expires header on relay search assigned Medium Normal teor 20 months ago
#21909 Add metadata about used geoip data assigned Medium Normal cypherpunks 19 months ago
#26091 add tor exit DNS resolver data to onionoo new Medium Normal cypherpunks 19 months ago
#26898 add parameters for verified_host_names and unverified_host_names needs_information Medium Normal nusenu 18 months ago
#27153 add ipv6_as and ipv6_as_name new Medium Normal nusenu 18 months ago
#24870 Use java 8 date-time functionality in Onionoo new Medium Normal iwakeh 18 months ago
#27187 Possible for inconsistency between summary and details with AS number new Medium Normal irl 17 months ago
#19650 Keep non-printable characters out of details documents assigned Medium Normal cypherpunks 17 months ago
#23913 Allow parameters and qualified search terms to be specified more than once assigned Medium Normal nusenu 17 months ago
#21933 Fix deserialization of UTF-8 characters in details statuses and documents new Medium Normal karsten 16 months ago
#28321 Add bandwidth scanner data to Onionoo new Medium Normal karsten 15 months ago
#28963 Please add option to search for relays with fingerprint and nickname. new Medium Normal traumschule 13 months ago
#28048 Metrics: Allow to search for relays per continent new Medium Normal traumschule 8 months ago
#11430 Add new field last_running for "seen in a network status with the Running flag" in addition to last_seen for "seen in a network status" assigned Medium Normal karsten 4 months ago
#32065 Cache-Control header on 404 does not permit caching new Medium Normal irl 3 months ago
#24412 Provide single parameter that accepts all other parameters as qualified search terms reopened Medium Normal irl 3 weeks ago
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