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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#34257 Analyze unusual distribution of time to extend to first hop in circuit new metrics-team defect Medium
#34231 Document and maybe improve how we're mapping TGen transfers to Tor streams/circuits new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#34218 Split PROXY errors into whatever reasons are given in TorCtl logs new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#34213 Replace TorCtlParser with OnionTrace's control log parser new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33974 Update OnionPerf to TGen 1.0.0 accepted acute enhancement Medium
#33438 OnionPerf: Scalability, Performance, Establishing Baseline Metrics new metrics-team project Medium
#33432 Multiple downloads for oneshot mode assigned phw enhancement Medium
#33421 Track which Guard is used for experimental measurements accepted karsten enhancement Medium
#33420 Add CBT events to Onionperf result files assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33399 Measure static guard nodes with OnionPerf accepted karsten enhancement Medium
#33392 Add new metadata fields to json output new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33391 Add new metadata fields and definitions needs_review metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33328 O3.2 Include additional OnionPerf filters. new metrics-team project Medium
#33327 O3.1 Develop developer-facing tooling to quickly graph baseline performance metrics. new metrics-team project Medium
#33326 Objective 3: Make improvements to the way we analyze performance metrics. new metrics-team project Medium
#33325 O2.3 Implement static guard node support for OnionPerf. new metrics-team project Medium
#33324 O2.2 Develop at least one new OnionPerf model: An OnionPerf model defines the pattern of traffic that is generated by the instances for conducting a measurement. new metrics-team project Medium
#33323 O2.1 Add instance metadata: We need a way to distinguish our current four long-term OnionPerf measurements that are automatically published to the Metrics portal from short-term experimental measurements. new metrics-team project Medium
#33322 Objective 2: Expand the kinds of measurements OnionPerf can take by making improvements to its codebase. new metrics-team project Medium
#33321 O1.3 Make OnionPerf more accessible to researchers and developers new metrics-team project Medium
#33320 Objective 1: Make operational improvements to existing OnionPerf deployments and make it easier to deploy new OnionPerf instances new metrics-team project Medium
#33319 O1.2 Improve ease of deployment and maintenance: We will produce Ansible tasks for deploying and managing deployments of OnionPerf instances, which also allow for performing upgrades and custom configuration changes. new metrics-team project Medium
#33318 O1.1 Improve monitoring: We will produce a Nagios plugin for monitoring OnionPerf instances to ensure that they are operating correctly. new metrics-team project Medium
#33260 Add option to filter graphed OnionPerf results by relay fingerprint new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33259 Store measurements in a local database to reduce plotting time new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33257 Add CDF-DL graph needs_review karsten enhancement Medium
#30798 Develop and deploy tgen model resembling ping reopened metrics-team enhancement High
#30362 OnionPerf TGen parser needs reworking assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#28271 Check OnionPerf instances from Nagios assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
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