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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#9778 Adding votes documents to Onionoo new karsten enhancement normal
#10128 Search and family very limited reopened hellais defect normal
#11041 Add new document type with monthly relay and bridge statistics to Onionoo needs_information enhancement normal
#11430 Add new field last_running for "seen in a network status with the Running flag" in addition to last_seen for "seen in a network status" new karsten enhancement normal
#12944 onionoo protocol/client api and base implementaion needs_revision iwakeh enhancement normal
#13080 Add Ant tasks for measuring coverage, dependencies, etc. new enhancement normal
#13088 Versioning and Releases new enhancement normal
#13334 improve DetailsDocument new enhancement normal
#13362 Make Onionoo's logs more useful needs_revision enhancement normal
#13424 Add new `descriptor` parameter that returns relays or bridges by digest of recently published descriptors new enhancement normal
#13425 Add new document type `debug` that includes digests of recently published descriptors and statuses they're referenced from new enhancement normal
#13562 additional logging for backend and frontend components new enhancement normal
#13600 Improve bulk imports of descriptor archives new enhancement normal
#14201 Configure out/ directory path somewhere else than in web.xml. new enhancement normal
#15552 very large document warning new defect normal
#15753 add performance tests to Onionoo's project structure and add the corresponding Ant task accepted iwakeh enhancement normal
#15766 backend benchmarking main ticket new enhancement normal
#15767 RequestHandler performance test new enhancement normal
#15768 ResponseBuilder performance tests new enhancement normal
#15769 DocumentStore performance tests new enhancement normal
#15798 details document differences: empty list shown differently accepted karsten defect normal
#15799 differences in details document: different views of last_changed_address_or_port new defect normal
#15809 onionoo instances disagree on observed and advertised bandwidth new defect normal
#15813 onionoo instances have distinct contact string encoding new defect normal
#15814 onionoo instances disagree on a relay's family set new defect normal
#15843 Provide a list of fallback mirrors in case of a server error new enhancement normal
#15844 Develop database schema to support Onionoo's search parameter efficiently new enhancement normal
#15846 Sign responses new enhancement normal
#15848 Update details documents in a single, atomic step new enhancement normal
#16020 new field: measured flag new enhancement normal
#16276 bug in onionoo's family set detection new enhancement normal
#16296 Implement lock file in a more robust way needs_review defect normal
#16371 Use soft links to dependencies instead of hard links needs_information enhancement normal
#16401 Fail-fast if file access permissions for out and status prevent an update new enhancement normal
#6695 add whois info reopened hellais enhancement minor
#11573 Ponder using a database for Onionoo rather than keeping indexes in memory and contents on disk new enhancement minor
#13137 Historical data new enhancement minor
#13561 logging documentation new enhancement minor
#16426 Add parse history for tarballs in archive directory new enhancement minor
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