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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#21217 Organizing and adding to assigned lnl task Medium
#21952 .Onion everywhere?: increasing the use of onion services through automatic redirects and aliasing reopened linda project Medium
#22559 Please add to good/bad ISPs page: bad experience, Turnkey Internet new linda enhancement Medium
#22686 Link in Browser Developer job posting doesn't work new defect Medium
#23703 The of Tor Browser Bundle mirror on Github is not correctly updated new defect Medium
#23850 Webpage for Tor ecosystem: List of, and links to, success stories new defect Medium
#23851 Write a "Tor Integration Guide" new defect Medium
#23852 Document the value of embedding Tor in third-party products new defect Medium
#23853 Document the value of onion sites new defect Medium
#23894 remove help desk email from new defect Medium
#24883 Listing OpenBSD Tor Brower on www needs_revision enhancement Medium
#25406 Indicate that Gitian is no longer used in new defect Medium
#25473 Introduce TLS MITM Detection on Tor Project websites new enhancement Medium
#26253 Fix link to rendevous spec merge_ready defect Medium
#26645 right click does not work on 'insecure connection' web pages new defect Medium
#26808 Publish policy documents on new enhancement Medium
#27126 tor-browser/user-manual: includes source of tor-and-https.svg assigned t0mmy defect Medium
#25941 formatting on "Download Tor" www page new defect Low
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