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#30751 why SHA-256 or MD5 not in download section? hiro Webpages/Website

Hi. Thanks for very good service. This is not a bug. In download page i do not see any sha-256 or md5 for checksum downloaded file. i have seen GPG in:

but it hard method. Please beside GPG, write md5 and SHA-256 for checking file! It is very important PGP test for many people is hard.

#30838 Update the Debian instructions for experimental-0.4.1 hiro Webpages/Website Tor: unspecified

The 0.4.1 branch is now separate; the 0.3.4 branches are now deprecated.

We should update the website accordingly:

This change requires the change in #30836, and a successful nightly build of experimental-0.4.1.

#31212 Document known long-term issues of Tor Browser hiro Webpages/Website

So far, while every Tor Browser release announcement points out known bugs specific to the most recent version, there's no documentation of preexisting issues that are not patched yet, and thus still affect current Tor Browser releases.

A summary of the most relevant ones would help users to keep track of those, and, if needed, adjust their set up/browsing behavior accordingly.

Furthermore, in case there are known ways to circumvent or mitigate a specific bug, the corresponding workaround could be shared as well.

To clarify what I mean: Tails' website is a fine example of how this could be implemented, their release announcement links to:

#31216 In the list of onion services run by the Tor Project, a domain name and an .onion-address link misdirect to the same wrong Tor Project https page hiro Webpages/Website

List of onion services run by the Tor project List of onion services run by the Tor project http://yz7lpwfhhzcdyc5y.onion/ The listed domain misdirects to The listed address http://sbe5fi5cka5l3fqe.onion/, corresponding with the listed domain, misdirects to Can we have the listed domain direct to

Can we have the listed address http://sbe5fi5cka5l3fqe.onion/, corresponding with the listed domain, direct to http://qrmfuxwgyzk5jdjz.onion/about/corepeople.html.en

#31295 please server Tor signature files with Content-Disposition that encourages a download rather than inline viewing hiro Webpages/Website

When i click on the sig link in (which points to ) i find the OpenPGP signature displayed in the browser directly, rather than being saved to a file.

But the instructions for verifying the OpenPGP signature seem to assume that the signature file has been downloaded as a file.

If you use Content-Disposition you should be able to encourage the web browser to save the signatures as a file in the same way that the installer is a file.

I'm attaching a HAR archive of what my browser (Firefox 68) did when clicking on the sig link, which i think verifies that no Content-Disposition header was sent.

#31722 make a new product assignment page hiro Webpages/Website

During the Stockholm meeting, the TPA team identified there were many sources of "service lists" in the wiki (and elsewhere). As part of #31261, some work was done to clean that up. One of the pages that remained after the work is this one:

Apparently, this could be covered by the new developer website, and I was told to open a ticket to track that work.

So basically, I think the job is to convert the above wiki page into something in the new developer website.

#31724 Localizations not working hiro Webpages/Website

Selecting another language from the drop-down list does not reload the page with the new language.

#32199 2019 EOY Campaign Metrics hiro Webpages/Website

For the EOY campaign that is launching October 28th, we'd like to again count the number of hits to the donate page from each source. If I'm remembering correctly from last year, hiro set up the redirects and Karsten reported back to me the number of hits from each redirect.

Please check over the redirects I have here because I think I might be missing some new sources due to the website redesign.

#32359 unecessary heavy image asset hiro Webpages/Website

i noticed while loading the tor front page that the circle-pattern.png in the page footer weighs more than half a *megabyte*. this is probably just a mistake while deploying assets, since the image is displayed very small compared to its real size.

since the image contains only simple geometric shapes, i would recommend using an svg for that and optimize that. if not, use a png, but compressed and resized properly.

please be considerate about the users of tor (3rd world, slow connections, mobile, etc..) when embedding images. otherwise, congrats on the new design! very good work

thank you!

#32432 update the relay-guide HTTP redirect hiro Webpages/Website

The relay guide is now maintained on the community page and maintained by other people.

Please replace the redirect ->

with: ->

and remove 'nusenu' from the auto assigning Community/Relays trac tickets.

#32460 download page has confusing flow, especially with donate banner hiro Webpages/Website

We just had a user in #tor who was trying to download the Windows version of Tor from our website, but it wasn't downloading.

After much debugging, we discovered that they had clicked on "download" from our front page, and ended up at and then waited for the download to begin.

They didn't realize that they needed to scroll down, look for the windows icon, and click on it.

Pastly says he has talked to a half dozen other users in the past few weeks who reported the same "download doesn't work" issue.

It would seem that we should improve the UX of our download page so it is more clear that you need to click on one of the pictures.

I also theorize that the big donate banner on the top of the page is adding to the confusing flow of the page -- maybe people are used to seeing a banner like that on a page that has already auto triggered a download.

mcs points out yet another confusion on that page: once you scroll down past the donate banner, the first thing you find is a box labeled "Download Tor Browser" with a down arrow signaling that you'll begin a download if you click it. And when you click it, it brings you to the download page, and does not begin any download.

#32561 Is this a Tor Project site? hiro Webpages/Website

Is someone faking Torbrowser downloads here:

#26808 Publish policy documents on ggus Webpages/Website


In the past years we worked on many policy documents (CoC, membership policy, etc). We should make them available on a prominent page on

Current situation

The policy documents are published in the gitweb:

Some other bylaws can be found here:

Expected situation

Create a section within "About Tor" named "Policies". With a general text describing our current policies.

I would also suggest that we inline describe our current values, how membership works, how voting works, etc.

Create formatted versions of:

  • CoC
  • Membership guidelines
  • statement of values
  • voting system
  • board documents (like bylaws)
  • ...

and link them from the main policy page.


I would suggest that we collect ideas within this ticket and make a meeting in Mexico :-)

#16546 Should we move anonbib to the Tor website? cypherpunks Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

Right now, anonbib exists under freehaven auspices, and is not maintained by Tor.

"Not maintained" being the operative word.

Should we move it to a torproject url and try to pretty it up a bit?

#16548 Change the HS nomenclature from hidden to onion cypherpunks Webpages/Website WebsiteV3

As discussed during the anonymous services meeting, we should change (or discuss changing) the nomenclature on the website to reflect Syverson's Genuine Onion'' paper.

Please do not make the mistake of grepping for Hidden and replacing it with Onion.

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