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#31295 please server Tor signature files with Content-Disposition that encourages a download rather than inline viewing hiro Webpages/Website

When i click on the sig link in (which points to ) i find the OpenPGP signature displayed in the browser directly, rather than being saved to a file.

But the instructions for verifying the OpenPGP signature seem to assume that the signature file has been downloaded as a file.

If you use Content-Disposition you should be able to encourage the web browser to save the signatures as a file in the same way that the installer is a file.

I'm attaching a HAR archive of what my browser (Firefox 68) did when clicking on the sig link, which i think verifies that no Content-Disposition header was sent.

#30678 remove hardcoded capitalization from tpo css and templates hiro Webpages/Website

this does not work well in many languages. capitalization should be on the string itself.

#27458 security.txt: Add acknowledgments page to honour our security researches Webpages/Website website redesign

The page will be linked in

Details: ​ Basically a place to honour the work of former / current security researchers.

This could also go into #25475.

#31014 is not properly display on mobile devices antonela Webpages/Website

There is a glitch on making "Browse" only partly visible on my mobile phone.

#24131 work hiro Webpages/Website website redesign

This is the main ticket for the work related to creating main site.

  • Main stakeholders of this project: Shari and Communications Team
  • Designer for this project: Antonela
  • Developer for this project: Hiro
  • PM for this project: Isabela


  1. content architecture - map current content related to the portal and organize it
  2. whiteboard draw organization of the content into pages
  3. wireframe these pages
  4. create design for these pages [these include design reviews till we are happy with what we have]
  5. start organizing content for the pages (with the design already done we will be working with that)
  6. update high definition mockups with real content
  7. guerrilla user testing #1
  8. start coding the pages
  9. once content is finished we upload them on transifex for translation to start
  10. Once coding is done we can start QA by language (as translations gets complete)
  11. [we could do another user test here too before launch if we want - or we can run one after lunch and continue iteration]


The languages we will support are our tier1 languages : ​ English - EN Farsi - FA Spanish - ES Russian - RU Simplified Chinese - zh-CN Portuguese - PT-BR French - FR German - DE Korean - KO Turkish - TR Italian - IT Arabic - AR

#30751 why SHA-256 or MD5 not in download section? hiro Webpages/Website

Hi. Thanks for very good service. This is not a bug. In download page i do not see any sha-256 or md5 for checksum downloaded file. i have seen GPG in:

but it hard method. Please beside GPG, write md5 and SHA-256 for checking file! It is very important PGP test for many people is hard.

#22265 write high-level overview of bootstrap process catalyst Webpages/Website website redesign

There needs to be a better high-level overview of the bootstrap process so developers, users, and UX people can have a better mental model of what's going on, what can go wrong, and how to fix it when it does.

Probably should be a wiki page unless someone has a better idea of where to put it. There is some text in control-spec.txt that is a decent starting point, but could use more elaboration of background material.

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