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#28828 Change website to better handle multi-locale Android .apk hiro Webpages/Website

Starting with #26483 fixed our .apk file contains all the locales we support. There is no per-locale .apk (anymore) and it is not planned to support that. But e.g. our alpha download page ( contains a table with all the available bundles *per locale*.

We worked around that by pointing to the multi-locale .apk for every locale we support but we might want to have something better than this stopgap.

We should revisit the other pages we have that offer the .apk for download to make sure we redesign the whole Android download part if needed and not just a single page.

#28829 Add reproducible builds verification notes for Android to our verifying signature page tbb-team Webpages/Website

On we outline how to make a link between the bundles we actually ship (including update files) to the artifacts one gets by following our reproducible builds path.

So far, this contains instructions for Linux and Windows bundles. macOS is tricky and dealt with in #18925.

This ticket is to add respective instructions for our .apk file(s) we ship.

#28832 Change website to better reflect recommended versions hiro Webpages/Website

E.g. our alpha download page (​ contains a table with weird 32/64-bit (sig) • 64-bit (sig) choices. It would be better to group choices like in

#29030 Ubuntu 18.10 tor repo hiro Webpages/Website

Hi All,

I'm using Ubuntu 18.10 cosmic and want an up to date tor.

When searching the repo for this release from this page :

I got this msg : "Sorry, this version is not available."

So I took the repos of the previous release 18.04

deb bionic main deb-src bionic main

And changed bionic to cosmic

deb cosmic main deb-src cosmic main

And all is working fine.

Q : Should I assume that I can use them safely and that's just a missing update to the website ?

Thank you all for your Work

#29076 Remove experimental branch from js dropdown in debian install guide traumschule Webpages/Website

The current javascript dropdown menu is a constant maintenance effort that will eventually go away through the migration to a new website.

#27809 has a patch, that with the latest release needs to be updated to

Therefor proposing to remove the experimental branch from the pull down menu, because it requires manually updating the javascript for every version. A better approach is to improve docs/en/debian.wml to be updated from include/versions.wmi.

Renaming the branch to tor-alpha could ease our life in the future.

Commit e3d3adb820e6d8715429cfbe5a71f6e67e7ebbda makes the development version configurable for the non-js version of the page by adding a new variable development-branch to versions.wmi:

<define-tag version-stable whitespace=delete></define-tag>
<define-tag version-alpha whitespace=delete></define-tag>
<define-tag development-branch whitespace=delete>0.3.5.x</define-tag>

However this is not optimal because it adds another step when updating, using a simple regex via Pass 3 or similar would be preferred.

Another question is if the guide should reflect if there's no separate alpha:

commit 523e14fc1c4eaeadcf6f36decf8dc8dcffca1127
Author: Nick Mathewson <>
Date:   Mon Jan 7 16:40:53 2019 -0500

    Stable is; there is no alpha for the moment.

CC'ing maintainers to check if this is a wise move.

#29152 Websites know you IP hiro Webpages/Website

When I go to a website to download something it works fine but when i try downloading another file before 1-hour it says that "You or someone else is using the same IP, please wait 1_hour."

#29468 Broken link: "Verify Tor Browser signature here" hiro Webpages/Website

On links to and I get a 404 error.

(Current Tor Browser stable, Debian.)

#29495 Running site fails with python 2.x hiro Webpages/Website

When running our new website with 'lektor server' python 2.x stacktraces, and fails to load 'about' pages. Hopefully I'll be able to provide a branch to pull from for future patches (#29493), but until then providing attaching a patch file you should be able to apply with 'git am 0001-Stacktrace-when-launching-lektor-server.patch'.

#29503 Add logo to link preview on new site hiro Webpages/Website

The current preview looks like this and needs an image:

I'm not sure the exact size to use, but this could work:

#29504 Add keywords to website hiro Webpages/Website

add global keywords: tor, the tor project, tor project, privacy, anonymity, privacy tool, censorship, censorship circumvention, private browsing, incognito browsing, anonymity network, tor network, onion services, the onion router, human rights, free expression, free expression online, free speech online, digital rights, activism, digital activist, private research, privacy research, technology, privacy technology, anonymity technology, tracking, surveillance, online surveillance, website tracking, stop website tracking, stop surveillance, online security, secure browser, private browser, privacy tool, anonymity tool, hidden services, metadata protection, activist tools, internet privacy, online privacy, safe browsing, nonprofit, tor browser, tor browser download, android browser, tor browser for android, what is tor, private mode, first amendment, open web, private search, private network, decentralized network, decentralization, encryption, cryptography, whistleblowers, snowden, online safety

#29664 Create release notes page at hiro Webpages/Website

On #29440 we discussed the possibility to have release notes per each browser release outside the blog. That is useful for different reasons; one of them is having a centralized place to look for these notes.

I'd suggest including this at

We may want to automate it in many ways, the first iteration could be static as well.

#29836 Replace torflow by sbws in volunteer page hiro Webpages/Website

I realized that is pointing to and torflow is listed there. We decided to don't do any improvements on torflow but on sbws.

#29845 Add Tor Browser for Android x86 download links hiro Webpages/Website

We need to add download links for the Android x86 version of Tor Browser, on the current and new websites.

#29849 first text is duplicated when browsing /about/* subpages hiro Webpages/Website website redesign

When browsing pages on the new tpo site, the first two paragraphs are duplicated, see:

#29893 have a way to create forwards for the old links that are going to be broken with the tpo website move hiro Webpages/Website website redesign

We maybe can use an .htaccess file or another method, but we should map the links we are going to brake and make the corresponding forwards to the new links.

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