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#29474 "sign up for tor-dev" broken link from people page hiro Webpages/Website

On the new people page: if you scroll down, you get to the "Sign Up For Tor-dev" link, but it is a link to "".

#29475 jobs link is broken on new website pages hiro Webpages/Website

Go to e.g. and scroll down and click on 'jobs' near 'our mission'.

It sends you to which is 404.

#29495 Running site fails with python 2.x hiro Webpages/Website

When running our new website with 'lektor server' python 2.x stacktraces, and fails to load 'about' pages. Hopefully I'll be able to provide a branch to pull from for future patches (#29493), but until then providing attaching a patch file you should be able to apply with 'git am 0001-Stacktrace-when-launching-lektor-server.patch'.

#29503 Add logo to link preview on new site hiro Webpages/Website

The current preview looks like this and needs an image:

I'm not sure the exact size to use, but this could work:

#29504 Add keywords to website hiro Webpages/Website

add global keywords: tor, the tor project, tor project, privacy, anonymity, privacy tool, censorship, censorship circumvention, private browsing, incognito browsing, anonymity network, tor network, onion services, the onion router, human rights, free expression, free expression online, free speech online, digital rights, activism, digital activist, private research, privacy research, technology, privacy technology, anonymity technology, tracking, surveillance, online surveillance, website tracking, stop website tracking, stop surveillance, online security, secure browser, private browser, privacy tool, anonymity tool, hidden services, metadata protection, activist tools, internet privacy, online privacy, safe browsing, nonprofit, tor browser, tor browser download, android browser, tor browser for android, what is tor, private mode, first amendment, open web, private search, private network, decentralized network, decentralization, encryption, cryptography, whistleblowers, snowden, online safety

#29512 Financial reports link is broken hiro Webpages/Website

On the Sponsors page

at the bottom, the link to Financial Reports is broken. It should go here:

I'm using Windows 10 and Brave browser.

#29513 Grey circles - meant to populate with images? hiro Webpages/Website

I can't tell if the grey circles on the webpage next to 'BlOCK TRACKERS' and other headings on this page are meant to populate with images or graphics, or are just meant to be grey circles.

#29515 Jobs: text in 'required qualifications' and 'preferred qualifications' scrolling box doesn't wrap text legibly hiro Webpages/Website

On the new jobs page (for example,, the 'required qualifications' and 'preferred qualifications' text boxes aren't breaking or wrapping in a legible way. 

Because the text isn't wrapping to the size of the screen, I have to scroll across the length of a sentence to read its entirety, making the content difficult to read and skim.

I'm on a Mac OS High Sierra, 64-bit, Firefox v65.0

#29516 On about/jobs, the 'Join us on IRC' link doesn't go anywhere hiro Webpages/Website

On the /about/jobs page (, there's a link at the bottom of the body text that says "We invite you to join us on IRC to find how you can help get involved."

This link just sends you back to

#29517 'Check out the manual' broken link on download page hiro Webpages/Website

The "check out the manual ( for more troubleshooting tips." link is dead.

#29608 Sponsors Page Update hiro Webpages/Website

On this page

in the Past Sponsors section, please change 

to Internews - 2008-2013

#29664 Create release notes page at hiro Webpages/Website

On #29440 we discussed the possibility to have release notes per each browser release outside the blog. That is useful for different reasons; one of them is having a centralized place to look for these notes.

I'd suggest including this at

We may want to automate it in many ways, the first iteration could be static as well.

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