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#22789 Tor crash on OpenBSD-current tor, crash, inet_pton, c99, openbsd, 024-backport, 025-backport, 026-backport, 027-backport, 028-backport, 029-backport, 030-backport, review-group-20 trove-2017-007 reopened nickm defect High
#22801 Warnings from isnan, isinfinite, signbit on mingw 028-backport, 029-backport, 030-backport, 031-backport needs_review nickm defect Medium
#22895 Unused variables in donna's SSE2 header 027-backport, 028-backport, 029-backport, 030-backport, 031-backport, compile, warning, 32bit, ed25519, review-group-21 merge_ready defect Medium
#23061 crypto_rand_double() should produce all possible outputs on platforms with 32-bit int tor-relay, security-low, privcount, 031-backport, 030-backport, 029-backport, 028-backport-maybe, 027-backport-maybe, 026-backport-maybe, review-group-22 needs_review nickm defect Medium
#23081 Tor relay crashes at consensus_diff_queue_diff_work() with assertion in_main_thread() failed tor-relay regression win32 nt-service 025-backport 028-backport 029-backport 030-backport merge_ready defect Medium
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