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#3940 Allow MapAddress .exit even if AllowDotExit is 0 regression tor-client 032-backport 031-backport 029-backport 033-must review-group-33 needs_review defect High
#25036 Tor 0.3.2 rejects connections to raw ipv6 addresses regression, ipv6, 032-backport, 033-must needs_revision tbb-team defect High
#22212 [warn] channelpadding_compute_time_until_pad_for_netflow(): Bug: Channel padding timeout scheduled 164729ms in the past. Did the monotonic clock just jump? tor-client 031-backport 032-backport merge_ready arma defect Medium
#22310 Tor 0.3.x clients won't use Guard-flagged relays as Guards if they don't have V2Dir, throwing off consensus position weights 032-unreached, 031-backport-maybe, 032-backport-maybe new defect Medium
#22660 Guard against stack smashing attacks in tor with additional compiler options. tor-hardening, security, 029-backport, 031-backport, 032-backport, 033-backport, review-group-19, 032-unreached needs_revision nickm defect Medium
#22798 Windows relay is several times slower than Linux relay tor-relay, performance, windows, 032-backport 031-backport 029-backport needs_review defect Medium
#23250 tor- test failure on NetBSD bsd, test, 032-backport, 031-backport needs_information dgoulet defect Medium
#24368 Tune zstd parameters to decrease memory usage during streaming regression, compression, zstd, tor-dir, 032-backport assigned ahf defect Medium
#24610 assertion !(status == HS_CLIENT_FETCH_HAVE_DESC) failed prop224, tor-hs 032-backport new defect Medium
#24630 Stop initialising rust git submodules, travis does this automatically tor-ci, 032-backport, teor-was-assigned assigned defect Medium
#24775 Reduce "Channel padding timeout scheduled" NOTICE messages 032-backport, 031-backport, 033-must new defect Medium
#24786 Rebuild the fallback list for 0.3.4 or 0.3.5 fallback, 029-backport, 031-backport-maybe, 032-backport-maybe, 033-backport, 034-backport new task Medium
#24803 Generate a new fallback list for 0.3.4 or 0.3.5 and backport it to all supported versions fallback, 029-backport, 031-backport-maybe, 032-backport-maybe, 033-backport, 034-backport new enhancement Medium
#24815 Validate shared random state dates before each voting period tor-sr, 031-backport, 032-backport, tor-dos assigned asn defect Medium
#24849 Added -1 signatures to consensus tor-sr, 032-backport, logs, tor-dos merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#24853 backport the new authority and fallback file formats torspec, tor-auth, 029-backport, 030-backport-maybe, 031-backport, 032-backport new enhancement Medium
#24854 Extract the authority list from config.c torspec, tor-dirauth, 029-backport, 031-backport, 032-backport, review-group-32, review-group-33 needs_review enhancement Medium
#25055 string_is_valid_hostname() returns true for IPv4 addresses IPv6, IPv4, tor-dns, 032-backport, 033-must needs_review defect Medium
#25110 Warn operators who set MyFamily that they must also set ContactInfo easy, intro, 025-backport-maybe, 031-backport-maybe, 029-backport-maybe, 033-backport-maybe, 032-backport-maybe new defect Medium
#25113 monotonic_time unit test fail, debian armel tor-test, 029-backport, 031-backport, 032-backport merge_ready dgoulet defect Medium
#25116 hs: circuit_log_ancient_one_hop_circuits() should probably not log single onion service rendezvous circuit tor-hs, sos, easy, 031-backport 029-backport 032-backport merge_ready dgoulet defect Medium
#25213 - Non-fatal assertion !(node_awaiting_ipv6(get_options(), node)) failed. ipv6, 032-backport-maybe, 033-must new defect Medium
#25306 tor_assertion_failed_(): Bug: ../src/or/hs_service.c:1985: rotate_all_descriptors: Assertion service->desc_current failed; aborting. tor-hs crash 033-must 032-backport accepted dgoulet defect Medium
#25347 Tor stops building circuits, and doesn't start when it has enough directory information 031-backport, 032-backport, 033-must, tor-guard, tor-client, tbb-usability-website, tbb-needs new defect Medium
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