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#26709 Onion V3 addresses not always working onion, tor-hs, 034-backport, 033-backport, 032-backport needs_information defect Very High
#26779 atomic_init() and friends failing on clang jenkins, regression, 032-backport, 033-backport, 034-backport, 035-must assigned nickm defect High
#4363 Dirauths should save a copy of a consensus that didn't get enough signatures tor-dirauth, auditability, save, dump, 033-backport-maybe, 034-backport-maybe, 035-removed-20180711 needs_revision enhancement Medium
#24104 Delay descriptor bandwidth reporting on established relays 034-backport-maybe, 033-backport-maybe, 032-backport-maybe, 029-backport-maybe, security-low, guard-discovery-stats, chutney-wants, bwauth-wants, 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328, tor-bwauth, 031-unreached-backport-maybe, 035-triaged-in-20180711 needs_review juga defect Medium
#24629 Activate osx builds on travis, at low priority not-just-linux, tor-ci, teor-was-assigned, 034-triage-20180328, 034-removed-20180328, 034-backport, 035-removed-20180711 assigned enhancement Medium
#24786 Rebuild the fallback list in 2018 fallback, 035-roadmap-master, 029-backport, 032-backport-maybe, 033-backport, 034-backport, 034-roadmap-master, 034-triage-20180328, 034-included-20180328, 031-unreached-backport-maybe, 035-triaged-in-20180711 new task Medium
#24803 Generate a new fallback list in 2018 and backport it to all supported versions fallback, 029-backport, 032-backport-maybe, 033-backport, 034-backport, 034-triage-20180328, 034-included-20180405, 034-roadmap-subtask, 031-unreached-backport-maybe, 035-roadmap-subtask, 035-triaged-in-20180711 new enhancement Medium
#26647 defect: Spec for net/listeners/* doesn't covers HTTPTunnelPort directive or ExtORPort tor-spec, controller, easy, intro, fast-fix, 032-backport, 033-backport, 034-backport, 035-triaged-in-20180711 needs_revision nickm defect Medium
#26787 Core file left on travis hardened rust builld travis, 035-must, regression, tor-build, 029-backport, 032-backport, 033-backport, 034-backport needs_information defect Medium
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