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#32823 support Android SharedPreferences xml as a torrc format Android, xml, tbb-mobile, torrc, sharedpreferences new enhancement Medium
#32830 Relay_extended - hash and padding - specs are wrong or unclear 044-can, postfreeze-ok accepted nickm defect Medium
#32850 Channel padding timeout scheduled xxx ms in the past. 041-backport, 042-backport, 043-deferred, 044-deferred new defect Medium
#32859 Tor man docs missing DoS log example 042-backport, documentation, doc, 043-can, 044-deferred new atagar enhancement Low
#32863 Put an up-to-date web version of the Tor manual somewhere 045-should, 044-can, postfreeze-ok new defect Medium
#32868 crash: Assertion node->rs->is_possible_guard failed in compute_weighted_bandwidths at regression, crash, 035-backport, 040-backport, 041-backport, 042-backport, BugSmashFund, 043-can, 044-must, postfreeze-ok needs_information nickm defect High
#32871 Static linking issue with OpenSSL backport? 043-can needs_information defect Medium
#32880 V3 handshaking state change doesn't use "connection_or_change_state()" tor-chan, 043-deferred accepted dgoulet defect Medium
#32884 set_main_thread() not called on second initialization with pthreads consider-backport-after-043-stable, consider-backport-if-needed, 035-backport 040-backport? 041-backport 042-backport merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#32896 Keep track of security updates to parts of Tor Browser tbb-security new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#32898 Get rid of binary blobs in source code/toolchains we use/build for building Tor Browser tbb-rbm, tbb-security, gitlab-tb-tor-browser-build new tbb-team task Medium
#32907 Remove or_options_t dependencies from module config headers 043-deferred 044-can accepted nickm enhancement Medium
#32910 trace: Add tracepoints and userspace tracer support tracing 044-can needs_revision dgoulet enhancement Medium
#32938 Have a way to test throughput of snowflake proxy snowflake-webextension, ux-team, anti-censorship-roadmap-2020 needs_revision cohosh enhancement Medium
#32943 factor out supporting shell scripts from CI configs tor-ci, technical-debt, network-team-roadmap-2020Q1 new defect Medium
#32944 where are we still excessively strict about clock skew? pluggable transports? tor-pt, clock-skew, network-team-roadmap-2020Q1 new defect Medium
#32961 Backport the diagnostic logs for is_possible_guard crash consider-backport-after-0432, consider-backport-if-needed, regression crash 035-backport-maybe, 040-backport-maybe, 041-backport-maybe, 042-backport, BugSmashFund merge_ready teor task Medium
#32973 Display real/starting IP address in the Tor Circuit information ux-team, tbb-circuit-display needs_information tbb-team enhancement Low
#33000 Click-to-play does not work on embedded videos on the blog in safer mode noscript new tbb-team defect Medium
#33010 Monitor cloudflare captcha rate: do a periodic onionperf-like query to a cloudflare-hosted static site network-health gsoc-ideas new metrics-team task Medium
#33024 can not connect to TOR please help can not connect needs_information defect Immediate
#33028 v0.4.1.6 bug journalctl failed assertion hs cache, newnym new defect Very Low
#33032 Decode key files with Unix or Windows newlines Scallion, onion, private key, 044-should, 035-backport, 041-backport, 042-backport, 043-backport, consider-backport-after-0435 merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#33063 Circuit keeps changing for about 4 times after manually requesting a circuit change. Result: Can't view videos from sites that are censored in many countries circuit new tbb-team defect Medium
#33070 Update website traffic fingerprinting section in tor browser design doc tbb-spec, gitlab-tb-tor-browser-spec new tbb-team defect Medium
#33071 Tor Browser tab crashing after opening. tbb-crash needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#33072 When under load, give 503 aggressively for dirport requests without compression network-health 044-should consider-backport-after-0434 042-backport 043-backport needs_revision dgoulet defect Medium
#33076 Graph consensus and vote information from Rob's experiments metrics-team-roadmap-2020, sbws-roadmap needs_review metrics-team task Medium
#33087 closing stdio fds on exit can interfere with LeakSanitizer, etc tor-log, 043-should, consider-backport-after-0433, 041-backport, 042-backport merge_ready teor defect Medium
#33088 Offer obfs4 docker image for additional architectures docker new enhancement Medium
#33095 Don't say "future instances of this warning will be suppressed" when we don't mean it. consider-backport-after-0433 041-backport 042-backport merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#33102 Do an updated version of "top changes since 2004 paper"? research new task Medium
#33104 Minor issues when handling ACTIVE control signal consider-backport-after-0434 tor-dormant 041-backport 042-backport 043-should BugSmashFund merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#33115 Migrating the blog to a static web site with Lektor tpa-roadmap-october new hiro defect Medium
#33119 Resolve TROVE-2020-001 043-must, security, 044-must, postfreeze-ok needs_review ahf defect High
#33129 Tor node that is not part of the consensus should not be used as rendezvous point with the onion service onion services needs_information defect Very High
#33135 about:preferences produces a blank page (crashes internally) when Tor Browser is built with --disable-tor-launcher on x86_64 about:preferences new tbb-team defect Medium
#33140 Clusterfuzz environment flags reused for dependencies clusterfuzz, oss-fuzz new defect Medium
#33153 Make obfs4 Docker image support private bridges docker new enhancement Medium
#33154 Correct Support documentation that incorrectly states there is currently no supported method for setting Tor Browser as your default browser. support, mac, docshackathon assigned tbb-team enhancement Medium
#33156 DoS subsystem should compare IPv6 /64 security-?, tor-relay, tor-dirauth, dos assigned neel defect Medium
#33162 Create a "torproject" Docker organisation docker, trademark assigned phw task Medium
#33167 Test changes in descriptors tests, scanner new defect Medium
#33186 Tab crashes with an error " Gah. Your tab just crashed." crash new tbb-team defect Medium
#33209 NoScript Default will not hold default setting even after reset tor for android 9.0.4 NoScript 11.0.13, TOR 9.0.4 new tbb-team defect Medium
#33219 Tor in China (Android) stops at 5% cn needs_information defect Medium
#33237 Prop 312: 3.2.2. Stop Directory Authorities Resolving *Port Hostnames prop312, tor-dirauth, security-low new defect Medium
#33239 Prop 312: 3.2.3 Limit Directory Authority Addresses to Address and ORPort prop312, tor-dirauth, security-low, 044-deferred assigned enhancement Medium
#33249 Prop 312: 4. Update Directory Spec for IPv6 X-Your-Address-Is prop312, ipv6, torspec, 044-deferred assigned enhancement Medium
#33257 Add CDF-DL graph metrics-team-roadmap-2020, metrics-team-roadmap-2020-june needs_review karsten enhancement Medium
#33259 Store measurements in a local database to reduce plotting time metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33260 Add option to filter graphed OnionPerf results by relay fingerprint metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33265 Prop 313: 6. Update Directory Spec for IPv6 Stats prop313, ipv6, torspec, 044-deferred assigned task Medium
#33273 Prop 313: 8.2. Analyse and Monitor IPv6 Stats prop313, ipv6, metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team task Medium
#33288 forrestii/fpcentral still has stretch packages (mongodb) tpa-roadmap-june, gitlab-tb-fpcentral new cypherpunks defect High
#33290 Add diagnostics for confusing corruption issue #32564 in ewma consider-backport-after-0434, 043-should 041-backport 042-backport merge_ready nickm defect Medium
#33297 Tune Onionperf Nagios alerts metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team defect Medium
#33301 It takes too a long time for Tor Browser to close and be ready for a next start processes Firefox and -childID needs_information tbb-team defect Medium
#33312 Document how to add additional hosts to Nagios metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33318 O1.1 Improve monitoring: We will produce a Nagios plugin for monitoring OnionPerf instances to ensure that they are operating correctly. metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team project Medium
#33319 O1.2 Improve ease of deployment and maintenance: We will produce Ansible tasks for deploying and managing deployments of OnionPerf instances, which also allow for performing upgrades and custom configuration changes. metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team project Medium
#33320 Objective 1: Make operational improvements to existing OnionPerf deployments and make it easier to deploy new OnionPerf instances metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team project Medium
#33321 O1.3 Make OnionPerf more accessible to researchers and developers metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team project Medium
#33323 O2.1 Add instance metadata: We need a way to distinguish our current four long-term OnionPerf measurements that are automatically published to the Metrics portal from short-term experimental measurements. metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team project Medium
#33324 O2.2 Develop at least one new OnionPerf model: An OnionPerf model defines the pattern of traffic that is generated by the instances for conducting a measurement. metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team project Medium
#33325 O2.3 Implement static guard node support for OnionPerf. metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team project Medium
#33326 Objective 3: Make improvements to the way we analyze performance metrics. metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team project Medium
#33327 O3.1 Develop developer-facing tooling to quickly graph baseline performance metrics. metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team project Medium
#33328 O3.2 Include additional OnionPerf filters. metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team project Medium
#33329 Set Lets Encrypt hostname dynamically using ansible facts metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team defect Medium
#33340 Typo in letterboxing page docshackathon, documentation new hiro defect Medium
#33346 Seccomp soft fail (no write) in easy?, 035-backport, 041-backport, 042-backport, 043-backport, regression, 044-should, postfreeze-ok needs_revision nickm defect Medium
#33361 relay: Warn about the lack of ContactInfo and the consequence 035-backport, 041-backport, 042-backport, 043-backport, consider-backport-after-0433, network-health merge_ready dgoulet defect Medium
#33375 Stop advertising an IPv6 exit policy when DNS is broken for IPv6 needs-proposal, security-review-dos-risk, extra-review, no-backport, ipv6, tor-exit, tor-dns, 044-must needs_information neel defect Medium
#33390 Consider Open in Browser addon new-addon, tbb-usability, tbb-security, TorBrowserTeamTriaged, ux-team new tbb-team enhancement Medium
#33391 Add new metadata fields and definitions metrics-team-roadmap-2020 needs_review metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33392 Add new metadata fields to json output metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33394 Automatically build Onionperf documentation from Git metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33395 Add option to replace the client and server torrc files metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33397 Update metrics-web to only plot "official" data metrics-team-roadmap-2020, metrics-team-roadmap-2020-june new metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33398 Remove documentation for `--dump-config non-builtin` and deprecate it 043-can, 043-backport, 044-deferred assigned nickm task Medium
#33399 Measure static guard nodes with OnionPerf metrics-team-roadmap-2020, metrics-team-roadmap-2020-june accepted karsten enhancement Medium
#33408 Make tor versions sortable, by adding the commit number to EXTRA_INFO prop311, needs-version-spec, outreachy-ipv6, 044-deferred new enhancement Medium
#33410 Use RLBox for sandboxing Graphite on macOS tbb-security, GeorgKoppen202006, TorBrowserTeam202006 needs_revision tbb-team task Medium
#33411 Make DirCache default to 0 on Windows relays, if we can't fix the mmap issues 044-should, cpu, windows, linux, performance, regression, 033-triage-20180326, 033-removed-20180326, 034-deferred-20180602, 035-removed-20180711, 032-unreached-backport, 040-roadmap-proposed, 033-unreached-backport-maybe, network-health, postfreeze-ok assigned ahf defect Medium
#33415 Adjust clang-format name in script to be parameterized c-format, clang-format, 044-deferred new defect Medium
#33420 Add CBT events to Onionperf result files metrics-team-roadmap-2020, metrics-team-roadmap-2020-june assigned metrics-team enhancement Medium
#33421 Track which Guard is used for experimental measurements metrics-team-roadmap-2020, metrics-team-roadmap-2020-june accepted karsten enhancement Medium
#33432 Multiple downloads for oneshot mode metrics-team-roadmap-2020, metrics-team-roadmap-2020-june assigned phw enhancement Medium
#33437 Unsuccessful compilation of tor on FreeBSD system with FreeBSD, openssl, 043-backport, 042-backport, regression, 044-deferred needs_information defect Medium
#33438 OnionPerf: Scalability, Performance, Establishing Baseline Metrics metrics-team-roadmap-2020 new metrics-team project Medium
#33452 Ensure that the PrivacyPass extension is able to get passes (if installed) cloudflare,mitm new tbb-team defect Medium
#33461 Multiarch docker obfs4 bridge docker, obfs4, multiarch new enhancement Medium
#33469 INTERNAL ERROR: Raw assertion failed at src/lib/malloc/map_anon.c:239: lock_result == 0 crash, malloc, map_anon, windows, 042-backport needs_information defect High
#33481 Update lucetc for RLBox on macOS tbb-security, tbb-rbm, GeorgKoppen202006, TorBrowserTeam202006, gitlab-tb-tor-browser-build needs_revision gk defect Medium
#33487 Prepare lucetc and wasi-sdk for macOS build for RLBox Support tbb-security, GeorgKoppen202006, TorBrowserTeam202006 needs_revision gk defect Medium
#33488 lucetc does not procude reproducible .so/.dylib files tbb-security, GeorgKoppen202003 assigned gk defect Medium
#33508 Write Ops Doc for check service metrics-team-roadmap-2020 accepted irl task Medium
#33520 'hacking Tor' web page has a few problems wiki documentation TorBrowserTeamTriaged new tbb-team defect Very Low
#33525 Tor Strict Nodes Values Not Working at Facebook facebook, strict nodes fail new tbb-team defect Medium
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